Andrej Brumen-Čop: REPOSE

First event in the autumn season 2005/06 in KiBela was an academic painter Andrej Brumen-Čop exhibiton:  POČITEK (Repose). He exhibited his newest oil paintings that unveiled author's poetic vision of homoeroticism. Along with exhibition we have prepared an exhibition catalogue. The exhibition was opened from the 26th of August until the 12th of September 2005.

This was author's solo exhibition in which he played around  with the ideas of  repose and eroticism in a painting in a semantic and poetic way. The pillow that was supposed to bring repose, is heavily crumpled and almost reflects the hysteria of the reposing one, meanwhile the sleeping cat and homoerotic images are painted in a gentle, dreamy kind of way. The dried up marten symbolizes the woman-barren, dead for a long time and distant.

He himself wrote:
«Repose actually doesn't exist in an artistic creation. The subconscious is a huge archive, the employees move things around incessantly, they search, examine-there are so many of them that even when the factory is sleeping, the most persistent still gnaw and toil (that's where the nightmares come from)«.

About the author:

Andrej Brumen-Čop was born in 1967 in Maribor. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. He belongs to the most interesting artists of the younger generation. In group exhibitions he participated in Skupina 63-70, in the first trienale of Slovenian fine arts U3 in 1994 in Modern gallery in Ljubljana, Slika 2000 exhibition in Equrna gallery in Ljubljana, Homo Sapiens 3000 in KiBela gallery in Maribor, Eye-Try in KiBela gallery in Maribor, Eye-Try in Visionn Centre in Cork (, etc.

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 "Time and time again they don't leave me alone!" Tadeja

"Creative, innovative!" dt

"Ko počivajo sence
med sprehajanjem meseca
ko počiva prisotnost
in je nemirno vsemirje
ko počivajo poteze
in drsijo dlačice
čopiča po zajezeni belini res
ni počitka
je le droben stik
prelet ptice med sliko in gledalcem." Tanja P.

"You're still provocative, and your paintings are more and more subtle - keep up the good work." Jasna Kozar



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