son:DA: ...yesterday there was a red point

son:DA, Miha Ciglar and Samo Pečar: …YESTERDAY THERE WAS A RED SPOT
 Audio-video event

Gallery KiBela, in Multimedia centre Kibla, once again hosted the artistic duo called son:DA. This time son:DA cooperated with Miha Ciglar and Samo Pečar. At the event, which took place on 11 June 2004 at 8 pm, we were witnessing creation and transformation of musical and visual material.

Audio - video performance “intro.” and “composition for monitor, projector, base and computer alias Yesterday there was a red spot” is the second project son:DA has created for gallery KiBela. Son:DA is not only an artistic couple but represents as well an original way of working and expressing, creating original events and transforming ideas into meanings:  
___video composition as a score, as original sound material 
___ an individual with audio mixer and individual with a computer (pd) work with audio signal, created on a monitor by electrons of video composition. They influence the video image (intro.)
___individual with a bass responds only to the content of the video composition or by his audio signal influences its structure (intro.)
___video composition - score determines duration, improvisation occurs only at working with signals and at scene performance.  


- mutual connection between two young artists coming from Maribor: Miha Horvat and Metka Golec;
- they use different media, techniques, materials, and they deal with sound experiments, space experiments and moving pictures;
- in their artistic projects they include actors and musicians, who co-create final image. These are Primož Bezjak, Samo Pečar, Miha Ciglar;
- independent exhibitions: Gallery Kapelica – Hidden.reality (2002), Porschehof&Kunstverein (Salzburg) – installation A2 (2003), KiBela – installation enota003 (2003), Gallery Meduza – installation enota 241 (2004);



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