Mitja Ficko: ZNAMENJE / A SIGN

On 15 October 2004 at 8 pm, the opening of a painting exhibition by Slovene artist Mitja Ficko took place in the art space KiBela, in MMC Kibla. The exhibition lasted till 26 October 2004.  

Mitja Ficko is a painter and representative of the younger Slovene generation. His paintings are loaded with lyrical elements and at the same time, according to Nada Gnamuš, the symbiosis of iconic and anti-iconic points to the artist's connection with the material world and its meanings, from which he tries to relieve of concreteness and weight by using more tranquil colours.  

Kibla prepared a catalogue with reproductions of Ficko's works. Ficko's catalogue is entitled 'Znamenje' (A sign) and it includes 13 reproductions of his canvases, which were also exhibited in gallery KiBela in October 2004. To publish one catalogue a year has become a tradition within gallery's programme. 

“In the eyes of a realist I am surely surrealist, in the eyes of a brute I am a chicken and for an intellectual I stand as a symbolist. But it is certain that the components of experiences and senses are more important to me as conceptual frames ... This is the area where everybody is alone. Maybe I resemble existentialists the most. When I make paintings I give advantage to the abstract and completeness and there are less and less paintings which would suffer on the account of a babbling story.” (Mitja Ficko about his style).   

About the author:
Mitja Ficko (Ljutomer, 1973): graduated at the Fine Arts Academy in Ljubljana. During the last few years he held independent exhibitions in Ljubljana, Ljutomer, Šentilj, Murska Sobota... He also collaborated at several group exhibitions: 'Nova generacija' (1998, MGC Ljubljana), 'Razkrivajoča navzočnost telesa' (1998, Ribnica and Ljubljana), 10th graphical biennial (Varna, Bolgarija), 24th biennial Sao Paolo as part of 'Metelkove mesto' (Brazilija), Ex tempore (cooperate for several years).




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