KunstRaumMitteleuropa, Vienna

MARCH/APRIL 2000: Vienna, Austria

A Siemens Österreich and Bank Austria Initiative  

Home Exhibition:

Daniel Fischer
Sieglind Gabriel
Marko Jakše
Ivana Keser
Damijan Kracina
Nikolaus Moser
Ilona Németh
Magdalena Pederin
Renata Poljak
Mirjana Rukavina
Monogrammist T.D
Leo Zogmayer

The exhibition tries to show the diversity and the differences in artistic approaches in the context of their cultural history. The art initiative KunstRaumMitteleuropa with 12 artists from 4 countriesCroatia, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia – was shown at Palais Harrach, A-1010 Vienna, Freyung 3, as well as in the new premises of artLab Galerie, A-1010 Vienna, Dorotheergasse 12.  

Trustees: Dr. Jana Gerzová, Dr. Wolfgang Hilger, Dr. Henriette Horny, Mag. Cornelia Offergeld, Michaela Pedratscher   

Mission Statement
Eastern and Western Europe will continue to grow together in the years to come. The initiative KunstRaumMitteleuropa is meant to strengthen the cultural exchanges between the countries of Central Europe and Austria – by mutual exhibitions, grants – Bank Austria will accept the costs of grants, Siemens will buy art works for its Siemens Sammlung, and by setting up a new internet platform for art from Central Europe. It is planned to expand the initiative to include the Czech Republic, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, as well as Hungary and Poland. 

A Siemens Österreich and Bank Austria Initiative    

Ernst Hilger  
Europe, which is now rapidly undergoing its logical evolution, unites what has always been united in cultural terms. This also opens up possibilities to have a new, exciting dialogue, as well as the platforms for it. Bank Austria and Siemens Österreich have joined in this artistic initiative, which will lead to synergies and activities of mutual benefit and success  in the years to come.  
The arts - and the artists – can find here partners that will deliver their visions, and the products of their creativity, more effectively and expediently. Bank Austria and Siemens Österreich are finding new ways of communication and sources for creativity.  
We want to expand our own cultural space by including the neighbouring countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia will follow already in the next cycle), we want to  open our own borders to the neighbouring cultural spaces, and – in doing so – we want to utilize all the possibilities for a mutual enrichment, which creates new impulses for the new and larger Europe.



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