“What do you know of Reihl Kir” Exhibition

The exhibition has been realised within the project “Minorities for Minorities”, which is run in a cooperation of Centar za mirovne studije from Zagreb, Biro za ljudska prava from Tuzla, Centar za kulturnu dekontaminaciju from Belgrade and Mirovni inštitut from Ljubljana.  The author of the exhibition is Tanja Simić Berclaz, a Serbian journalist and all-round artist as well as collaborator with the Centar za kulturnu dekontaminaciju, and the layout was conceived visually by the creative studio Metaklinika from Belgrade.
The exhibition is dedicated to one of the first Yugoslav peace activists, Josip Reihl Kir, police chief in Osijek. He was killed in 1991 for having served as an obstacle to the coming war with his actions and thoughts. The man who spent months and months trying to pacify the conflicting Croatian and Serbian sides, finally had to pay for his actions with his own life. Living in anti-heroic times, we remember him, unnecessary pathos aside, as a modern hero who has earned the title with his brave actions.
After being launched in Centar za kulturnu dekontaminaciju in Belgrade, the exhibition travelled around Serbia, after being launched in Zagreb, it travelled around Croatia, and was also shown in Osijek (not without trouble!). In Slovenia it was displayed in ZRC SAZU Atrium in Ljubljana between 13 and 16 January 2011, in Kibla Multimedia Centre in Maribor between 27 January and 9 February. From here it continues to Bosnia and Herzegovina and other republics of the once common country.
The exhibition will be opened by Lana Zdravković, head of the project “Minorities for Minorities” at Mirovni inštitut, and Mirjana Mikić Zeitoun, head of the project “Minorities for Minorities” in the Centar za mirovne studije.

Also presented at the exhibition opening will be the Coalition for REKOM (, an international non-governmental initiative for the formation of a Regional of Truth- Seeking About War Crimes and Other Serious Violations of Human Rights in Post-Yugoslav Countries, which in Slovenia is coordinated by Mirovni inštitut.
The project “Minorities for Minorities” is supported by the European Commission.
Contact and additional information: Lana Zdravković

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