Short independent films on tour

The project Short independent films on tour is the result of young independent film artists integrating and wishing to present their films to a wider public. The authors as well as their films are quire diverse, yet related by the fact that they make films because of their love for film art. The screenings are special in that they comprise action, drama, eeriness, humour, scorn, critique, documentary approach... With the set of films oriented so positively, giving hope of much laughter, surely, they will not leave you cold.

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Miha Šubic
Film Factory society


PRVI DAN V SLUŽBI / FIRST DAY AT WORK  (satirical drama, 2010, 27 minutes)

Directed by: Urška Djukić
Cast: Nika Rozman, Uroš Potočnik, Marko Okorn, Vojko Zidar

Through the story of a young girl who comes working to the local pub for the first time, we get to know three alcoholics existing passively in a timeless space, waiting for something to happen outside themselves to direct their attention away from their pathetic lives. A coincidence leads to a critical situation, triggering a reaction and a series of events. Thus for a moment the anti-heroes turn into heroes.

BITITSCH (comedy, 2009, 13 minutes)

Directed by: Peter Bizjak
Cast: Matjaž Juren, Neža Grum, Robert Kuret

Bititsch is a Nazi. And an addict. His drug is pizza. Bititsch is used to having it delivered home frequently. But someday a pizza turns up at his doorway in the hands of a black deliveryman...

ZADETA OD LAJFA! / HIGH ON LIFE (documentary, 2009, 25 minutes)

Directed by: Maja Senekovič aka Haidy Kancler

We all have a dream. We all want to make them come true. A documentary portrait of Marta Lamovšek talks of making dreams come true, shifting boundaries and of contemporary manifestations of the woman. Marta is a photographer, sexologist, blogger. She has no family and doesn't cook.
The film opens up the insight into the cosmopolitan life of the 21st century woman.

NESKONČNI VOZEL / ENDLESS KNOT (comical thriller, 2010, 31 minutes)

Authors: Mitja Mlakar, Mojca Pernat, Robert Ribič, Miha Šubic, Simon Komar
Cast: Robert Fišer, Rene Puhar, Katja Andrinek

Cezar is a young, professional forger of identity documents and concert tickets, but his forged ticket gets Andy detained by the police after a concert. Andy is resolved that consequences should be borne not by him, but by Cezar. He starts blackmailing Cezar with photographs, but he, in turn, hires Kojot and Slavec to deal with the problem.

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