“GLOBAL WORLD: through the lens of human rights” - exhibition

Thursday 8 April 2010 at 8 pm, Kibar - the opening of the exhibition based on the “GLOBAL WORLD: through the lens of human rights” photo contest. The exhibition and the contest have been organised by Ekvilib Institute, Ljubljana. 

The exhibition presents the winning photostory of this year's “GLOBAL WORLD: through the lens of human rights” photo contest - Bihar Aftermath by the Italian photographer GIULIO DI STURCO. The photostory that was taken in India in 2008 deals with the relation between human rights and environmental issues.

Author of the photograph: Giulio di Sturco

Also exhibited are photographs and photostories by authors that were selected as finalists: JAMES CHANCE (USA), RODRIGO CRUZ (Mexico), PETER DICAMPO (USA), ÅKE ERIC ERICSON (Sweden), RICARDO GARCIA VILANOVA (Spain), FLORIANA GAVRIEL (Germany), BRENNAN O'CONNOR (Canada), QAMRUZZAMAN (Bangladesh) and SUDIPTO DAS (India).

Contest background:
The photo contest and the exhibition are organised within the incentive “Global World: through the lens of human rights”, oriented towards encouraging individuals to use photography as a tool in the protection and promotion of human rights and to express a critical view of the global social development and processes. This year the contest has been focusing particularly on economic, social and cultural rights, which despite mass breaches in human right discussions still remain neglected and often portrayed in a way that promotes stereotypes and generalisations.

The current contest that run between 10/12/2009 and 01/02/2010 has been organised within the project GREAT (Global Rights: Europeans Acting Together!), which is supported by the European Union, and in cooperation with SPP, Institute for the Promotion of Photography. The honorary patroness of the contest is Dr Zdenka Čebašek Travnik, human rights ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia. Photographs were evaluated by an international jury composed of: Adriana Zehbrauskas (photographer / Polaris Images), Murad Sezer (chief photographer / Reuters Turkey), Dr Jože Vogrinc (sociologist / Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana), Max Zimani (president of African Center of Slovenia) and Anita Ramšak (Ekvilib Institute).

The exhibition will be on view until 22 April 2010.

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