A view of the sky - presentation of the astronomical calendar for 2009

Tuesday 6th January at 7 pm, KiBar - the presentation of astronomical calendar for 2009. If you are interested in what is going on in the sky and how the Sun, Moon and planets will be moving in 2009, the calendar will certainly be of great help.

The astronomical calendar by Jaka Modic results from many years of research and creativity. This year's calendar is an improved version of the previous one; it also features a table with daily planet movements. It has been designed so as to enable tracing daily positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and constellations and thus read their visual rhythms throughout th  year. Astronomical data used in this calendar has been taken from the website and calculated for Ljubljana in 2009.

The presentation as well as the calendar as such are intended for anybody practicing the observation of heavenly bodies, homeopathy, biodynamics or astrology, or anybody interested in developments in the sky or in the movement of the Sun, Moon and planets for any other, amateur or professional reasons.

What they said about the calendar:

A true achievement in two-dimensional graphic presentation on the movement of heavenly bodies that will not be left out in the cold.

- dr. Ilja Dorsner, physicist

The astronomical calendar by Jaka Modic revives the long-lived struggles of astronomers to transfer the movement of heavenly bodies from the spherica  expanse to a piece of paper spanning across a few feet. He succeeded in portraying the variegated dynamics of heavenly tracks of the Sun, planets and the Moon, which we witness everyday, yet too often being unaware of it, in a condensed and mathematically accurate annual cycle, at the same time employing originality and aesthetics.

- Dr. Igor Levstek, physicist

The astronomical calendar for 2009 by Jaka Modic is actually a charming and witty presentation of astronomical ephemerides, which are accurate enough for somebody observing the sky with the naked eye or with binoculars. As compared to the last year's edition, the calendar has been seriously supplemented and expanded, even more than what can be included in the instructions. Astronomically accurate and graphically original and perfect, this calendar is undoubtedly a proof of Slovenian originality and creativity.
- Rok Vidmar

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