Maribor 2012 Multimedia Triangle, presentation of architectural solution by Jan Hadžić

Thursday 14 May 2009 at 6 pm, MMC Kibla - the presentation of Maribor 2012 Multimedia Triangle architectural solution, a diploma thesis composed by the architecture student Jan Hadžić under the supervision of the architect Primož Jeza, assistant at the Faculty of Architecture.

The multimedia triangle integrates key programme guidelines in the candidature - art, education and science - into three investments: contemporary arts centre (gallery), concert hall and production centre (academy of art). Using creative industries, the mutual operation of the complex also relates to economy, thus reflecting the benefits of the European Capital of Culture 2012 project.

"Each year the European Union awards the title European Capital of Culture (ECOC) to one or several European cities. In that year the selected city has the opportunity to show its cultural life and development. Many cities have used the title well to upgrade its cultural programmes and to promote itself internationally. The year 2012 is nearing, when Slovenia as well as Portugal will be organising the European Capital of Culture (ECOC) programme. This is an important project, providing Slovenia with an exceptional opportunity to foster international recognisability and competitiveness as regards culture."

Kibla Association for Culture and Education was successful in securing the nomination for the title European Capital of Culture 2012 to the City of Maribor. For this purpose, KIBLA has formed a partnership of six cities and prepared an extensive study of programme sections and planned investments. As operations of ACE KIBLA have always been public and open, we have decided to present publicly the proposal of certain investments of the winning candidature, as summarized by Jan Hadžić in his diploma thesis.

"The thesis is intended to emphasize the importance of traditional as well as contemporary media, functioning as cultural agents and co-creators of our consciousness. The thesis serves as the base of understanding the complexity and integration of the media, culture, sociology, politics and economy, at the same time providing the basis to generate ideas on creating the multimedia centre as a manifestation of the integration.

The thesis aims at providing a proposal for a possible multimedia centre concept, preserving the continuity of programmes and integrating the dispersed cultural programme of the city of Maribor into a new, contemporary project for the future. The power of media lies in creating a new environment and new reality. As the creators of the world in which we can direct the awareness of individuals and masses, we share a great deal of responsibility for preserving the contemporary culture and opening up opportunities for future development of creativity."

This is the first example of a realised architectural concept, placing the contents of ECOC 2012 within an urban-planning and architectural context supported by an elaborate proposal of individual investments. The diploma thesis therefore provides a good starting point for a discussion about the character of Maribor in 2012 and beyond.

Quotations: Jan Hadžić, from the diploma thesis Maribor 2012 Multimedia Triangle.

Jan Hadžić
is graduate economist (graduated in 2006) and graduate engineer of architecture (graduated in March 2009). From secondary school onwards he has been practicing various types of art non-professionally. As an actor, he has been performing within various drama societies across Slovenia, including the Cankarjev dom, Culture and Congress Centre. For a period of time he worked as dance instructor. While studying architecture, he became interested in digital art and media.
In recent years he has been gaining experience in architecture, design within film distribution and design within new media (webpages, mobile phone games, animation). He is still interested in film, playing an active part as a co-founder of KD Cut! film association ( He cooperates with the young architecture duo Invisible ( In Razum, d.o.o. company ( he is involved in research and development of contemporary information technology.

As the author of the diploma thesis MULTIMEDIA TRIANGLE MARIBOR 2012, which he successfully defended in March 2009 (UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA, Faculty of Architecture), he has been nominated for the title "prospective in design of interior 2009".

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