Romfest: Bečiri Murim orchestra, concert

Saturday 13/12/2008 at 8 pm, MMC Kibla - the concert by Bečiri Murim orchestra.

Murim Bečiri has been fascinated by the Roma sound ever since his childhood, although nobody in his family was into music. First he wanted to become a singer but as he got hold of his first keyboard, singing was forgotten and he began dedicating all his time, day and night to the black and white keys. Today he performs together with the singer and his friend Arben Abdulah, likened by many to the legendary Roma musician Djemail, enthralling audiences at various festivals, events and cafes in Slovenia and abroad. Passionate rhythms and emotionally charged lyrics of Roma, Bulgarian, Arab and Turkish music heritage guarantee that wedding guests are always kept entertained until the morning by Bečiri Murim orchestra. And the concert in Kibla, the first within the framework of the emerging Romfest festival, was just like this. To keep our heels kicking up even stronger, there was Hađi Sadej on drums.

The concert was organised by ACE KIBLA in cooperation with Romano pralipe Roma association.

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