Round table ''Is migration a threat or an opportunity?'' and opening of photo exhibition

Monday 07/07/2008 at 6 pm - the round table ''Is migration a threat or an opportunity?'' and the opening of the photo exhibition titled "Repeated views on Europe: How the South sees the impact if Europe?" in KIT communication point, Glavni trg 14, Maribor.

The Round table, organized by the Institute of African studies within the project "You too are part of this world" focused on reasons and challenges provided by migration, migration and human rights, refugees and European migrational policies.
After the round table you were invited to view the exhibition of photographs from developing countries. The photographs aim at emphasizing the importance of the civil society, which is an important safeguard of realizing national development policies. The photographs show both positive and negative impacts of Europe on developing countries and wish to make a considerable contribution to the awareness of how we can help the people in world's poorest countries yet maintain their way of life.

The event was prepared in cooperation with the Institute of African studies and the SLOGA platform (the Slovenian NGO platform for development cooperation and humanitarian aid).

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