Art reflection »On«: On hermeticism vs. openness of spaces for art

Wednesday 29th October 2008 at 7 pm, Kibla - the new event in Petra Kapš curator project Art reflection »On« - On hermeticism vs. openness of spaces for art.

Guests: Miha Horvat, Aleksandra Kostič

Many of invited guest were unable to confirm their participation due to various reasons, therefore the Art reflection "On" event in October featured a discussion between Petra Kapš, Miha Horvat and Aleksandra Kostič in relation to the title - On hermeticism vs. openness of spaces for art.

The questions discussed related to establishing "spaces"(as material and symbolic entities) for presentation and realisation of art (within this context mostly spaces intended for exhibitions and presentations) - who and how is doing it; why, what are the underlying visions for such processes and orientations? How is to for an artist and a work of art / artistic event to function in this context and within previously setconditions? The issue of relations between contents and organization, technological support and distribution? What is the role and status of "local" in art institutions – how do they form their policies, strategies and programmes? To what extent do they react to artists' offerings, to appearances of specific programmes, relevance of media and individual approaches? What is the attitude towards the past and current activity with regard to own space? How can certain space emit positive pulses for artistic creativity? The issue of distributing artists and artistic projects? What are the wishes, the current situation and the needs as regards connectivity and cooperation between institutions and their spaces?

Key terms: space / art institution /
artist / the public / public / private

Miha Horvat. BA ethnology and cultural anthropology from the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana. MA New media on University for Applied Arts, Vienna. postgraduate studies of philosophy and theory of visual culture at ISH Koper since 2006. has been part of son:DA partnership since  2000. part of "son:DA foundation" since  2008.

Aleksandra Kostič
, born 1966 in Maribor, graduated in history of art in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 1994 realised a retrospective of a Slovenian modernist painter Rudolf Kotnik in The City Art Gallery Maribor and Modern Gallery in Ljubljana. She has worked in different galleries (Gallery ŠKUC in Ljubljana, Media Nox in Maribor and Gallery Hest in Maribor, City Art Gallery Maribor). Most important projects: Prima vista, International Festival of Computer Arts (coorganiser: 1995, 1996 in 1997). 1995 – cofounder of TOX magazine, which has developed into special edition for electronic art in the frame of  Kibla. Cofounder of the Multimedia Centre Kibla and programme manager for visual arts department, named Kibela. Exhibitions: Urban feelings – urban facts (1998), Homo Sapiens 3000 (1999/2000), Make That Country... (2001 – Styrish Autumn, Graz). Art critic in the field of contemporary visual art for local and national newspapers (Večer, Delo, Dialogi, Klik...) and editor of special conceptual essays edition I levitate, What’s Next... , TOX, Maribor, 2000. In 2000 in 2001 she was in the jury of the Webby Awards in San Francisco, category of art.

The Art reflection »On« curator project focuses on the reflectionand research of topical issues and themes, contained and addresses by contemporary art  Promoting and keeping track of artistic production, establishing meaningful, systemic and sociopolitical contexts, verifying possible interpretation models seeking and creating new media and environments for distribution, transfer  and circulation of information, opening up spaces in which art is happening, as well as analysis of individual artistic terms and concepts are issues to be included in the Art reflection »On«. By establishing the conditions and options for each event to be open(experimental), the way for an interdisciplinary approach of discussion and realization is being paved; individual situations as well as the integral project will be made up of artistic and discursive presence.

Key terms: art / artist / curator / critic / reflection / interpretation / discussion / context / on

The Art reflection »On« project will include a series of ten events in 2008.

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