Art reflection »On« - On exhibition

Wednesday 28/05/2008 at 8 pm, Kibla - Petra Kapš curator project Art reflection »On« - On exhibition

Guests: Meta Gabršček Prosenc, Polona Maher, Božidar Zrinski

The main theme of the discussion was a critical exposure of the phenomenon of exhibition as manifested through practice and theory today when looked upon from a distance, interpreted for yesterday and projected into the future. Experience, views and viewpoints were confronted in relation to the question of what does the medium of exhibition represent today, who forms it and uses it. Does exhibition as a form of representation in gallery (representative) space still correspond to current artistic production? Is this cultural-artistic pattern still satisfactory and applicative? What is the importance of an exhibition in the current context? What are the ways, procedures and methods that could be used to surpass the established paradigms of activity and presentation? How is context created upon exhibitions? Where is the limit to "user-friendliness" or how to open up a project or work of art by interpretation, contextualisation and analysis? How to react to and help form the reality of contemporary art?

Key terms: exhibition / work of art / curator / artists / gallery / presentation.

The Art reflection »On« curator project focuses on the reflection and research of topical issues and themes, contained and addresses by contemporary art. Promoting and keeping track of artistic production, establishing meaningful, systemic and sociopolitical contexts, verifying possible interpretation models, seeking and creating new media and environments for distribution, transfer and circulation of information, opening up spaces in which art is happening, as well as analysis of individual artistic terms and concepts are issues to be included in the Art reflection »On«. By establishing the conditions and options for each event to be open (experimental), the way for an interdisciplinary approach of discussion and realization is being paved; individual situations as well as the integral project will be made up of artistic and discursive presence.
Key terms: art / artist / curator / critic / reflection / interpretation / discussion / context / on

The Art reflection »On« project will include a series of ten events in 2008.

Curator: Petra Kapš

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