KIBLA12YEARS / Waste to Dress

Friday 20th June 2008 at 8 pm, MMC Kibla - the celebration of Kibla's 12th birthday   

In cooperation with Tag.Werk and Plesna izba we presented the project Waste to dress, a fashion show combining fashion, ecology and social responsibility, and trying to sensitise the public for social awareness and stimulate fashion designers into creating with regard to ecological criteria.

“Waste to dress” / “Re-wear”
Recycled fashion
"The fashion project of Caritas from Graz combines fashion, ecology and social responsibility. In principle it is intended for unemployed and "problematic" young people between 15 and 25 years of age. Within workshops conducted by guest fashion designers these young people create and recycle used clothing from Caritas to make new original and wearable fashion items. Recycled collections are presented on fashion shows of non-“cat-walk” type with guests DJs.
This year Kibla was the first to host this fashion show in Slovenia, in cooperation with Plesna izba, conducted by Mojca Kasjak, a dancer, choreographer and performer. The show presented fashion items from current workshops conducted by guest Austrian and Slovenian fashion designers, as well as new fashion collections by invited fashion designers made for this even specifically. The collections were motivated by the topic of recycling and the idea of creativity and freedom.

Participating fashion designers:
tag-werk - Graz, Cloed Baumgartner MILCH - Vienna, Michael Eisner MICHAEL männerg’wand - Graz, Nina Markart PIXIE - Gradz,  Sanja Grcič FIRMA - Ljubljana, Mira Strnad MIRICOTA – Maribor, Mateja Krofl&Tinka Domjan with the collection “Imperial Nostalgia” - Ljubljana, Gabrijela Bauer Fužir with the collection “Landscape” - Ljubljana and Irena Rojs Maribor.

The project trying to sensitise the public for social awareness and stimulate fashion designers into creating with regard to ecological criteria is a successful platform, using its results and processes to enter the increasingly topical field of the collision of fashion and art."
Mirjana Rukavina

Project coordination: Mirjana Rukavina, Dejan Pestotnik and Maja Vuksanović


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