COLLAGE - exhibition of scarves

Saturday 1st March 2008 at 7 pm - the opening of COLLAGE - an exhibition of scarves by Mateja Vekar in KIT (Glavni trg 14).

The fabric of the scarf is swollen: the fruit of male imagination. Of expectations... A scarf has nothing to do with it, yet it is full of similarity and naughtiness. A nice advertising idea!
There is something beautiful about this scarf... The inviting harmony, persuading me to wrap it around me  - even if it isn't cold...

Mateja Vekar, born in Postojna, graduated from the Secondary Textile School in Kranj and continued her studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Maribor, Textiles study programme. In 2004 she began attending the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, a course in Restoration.
Despite her education in textiles, she entered fashion through photography, one of her many passions. The scarves began to be made as Pika Justinek, a fashion designer from Ljubljana, realized there was a lack of scarves for men and proposed cooperation. As Mateja selects the most exquisite materials, her scarves are exclusive as well.
Mateja Vekar named the collection of scarves ‘Collage’.
Being gentle, sophisticated, elegant and comfortable, they represent the pulse of her lifestyle. Actually the pulse of lifestyles of everybody fed up with serial production and eager to let the eye rest on an artistic product. If beauty can be used to wrap yourself in it, so much the better.

Exhibits are on sale. For information call Mateja Vekar on her GSM number 031 553 231.

The exhibition will be on view until 15/03/2008.
Kit is open from Monday to Saturday between 9.00 am and 10.00 pm, Sundays closed.

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