Betting on Shorts 2008 - short films projection

On Friday 21/11/2008 at 7.30 pm MMC Kibla - the projection of short films Betting on Shorts 2008.

This was the final event of the best short film contest, organized by Irini Marinaki, Konstantinos Stefanis and Ricarda Vidal, hosted by ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) from London. The projection included 17 finalists and the winning film. Simultaneous projections were organized in Athens, Barcelona, Bucharest, Istanbul, London, Maribor, Naples, Novi Sad, Paris, Poznan, Stockholm, Thessaloniki and Wiesbaden.

The expert jury in Maribor chose the film Apple & Ei and the total winner for 2008 competition is the film Trotzdem Danke (Thanks Anyway).

The Theme: Money Money Money

"Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. They have more money than we."
(Dizzy Gillespie)


   1.  What Money is
      Dir. Eduardo Thomas, Mexico, 2008, experimental, 4.40 mins
   2. Not for good
      Dir. Lindsay Knight, UK, 2008, animation/documentary, 4.40 mins
   3. Trotzdem Danke (Thanks Anyway)
      Dir. Mischa Leinkauf & Matthias Wermke, Germany, 2007, artist
      documentary, 6.30 mins
   4. Kupe and the Whale
      Dir. Nicholas Tayler, UK, 2007, artist film, 9.15 mins
   5. Valuta
      Dir. Roland Fuhrmann, Germany, 2006, artist film, 2.15 mins
   6. Apple & Ei
      Dir. Ahmet Tas, Germany, 2007, experimental documentary, 5.25 mins
   7. Zombie
      Dir. Tessa Garland, UK, 2008, artist film, 3.10 mins
   8. Sådan far, sådan död (Like father, like death)
      Dir. Adi & Mak Omanovic, Sweden, 2008, narrative, 10 mins
      Dir. Colette Copeland, USA, 2007, artist film, 1.50 mins
  10. Advertising
      Florin Piersic jr., Romania, 2004, narrative, 7.55 mins
  11. Dr. Mori's Teleshopping
      Dir. Spiros Jacovides, Greece, 2008, madvertisement, 6 mins
  12. Pilgrimage to Yiwu
      Florencia Guillen, China, 2007, documentary, 7 mins
  13. 100 $ in 100 seconds
      Dir. Bosse Sudenburg, USA/Germany, 2005, experimental, 1.50 mins
  14. Per fare un tavolo (How to make a table)
      Lemeh42, Italy, 2008, animation, 2 mins
  15. Last Hand Standing
      Dir. Paul Cotter, USA, 2003, narrative, 7 mins
  16. Casitas (Little Houses)
      Dir. Juan Carlos Mostaza, Spain, 2008, animation, 6 mins
  17. The Bungee Jump Skeleton Man
      Dir. Rune Eriksson, Norway, 2006, music/ animation, 3 mins

Total duration: 87 min

Expert jury (Maribor): Petra Kapš, Petra Marovt, Lidija Pačnik

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