Concert by Aleš Hadalin

On Saturday the 10th of March 2007 at 8pm, MMC KIBLA was visited by the famous Slovenian duo with Aleš Hadalin as a frontman.

Singer Aleš Hadalin and pianist Joži Šalej, long time collaborators, have won recognition as performers of chansons, blues, evergreens, pop and jazz classics.

"With my work I sing praise to the human voice,” states Aleš Hadalin.

Born on a railway station, he played accordion and flute as a child. 1981 he began his musicology studies in Ljubljana. At the end of 1986 he became founder member of the Tantadruj group. In 1990 they published Tantadruj LP, in 1997 CD entitled Strunam.

In 1995 he began to collaborate with En Knap dance group. He also made three movies with them: Vrtoglavi ptič (1996), Dom svobode (1998), Krotilci časa (2002). For dance performance Popoln korak? he adapted and published CD soundtrack entitled Umetnost hoje (2001).

With pianist Joži Šalej he recorded jazz classics CD Gee Baby in 2002. In the last years he plays with various musicians, mostly jazz and blues and promotes the human voice. He published Kako lepo je CD where music from all of his creative eras is collected: folk songs, jazz, chansons and musical experiments.

"I live to breathe, breathe to sing, live to sing.”

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