Statements of the decade (Mladina magazine) - exhibition

On Tuesday, the 7th of February, 8pm an opening of the exhibition of the Statements of the decade took place in MMC Kibla.

In November 2005 Mladina published a book entitled Statements of the decade. This is already a second part of the Mladina's triology, the first book was entitled Diareja and was published in 2003. Statements of the decade presents Slovenian history in a different, waggish kind of way.

The exhibition was opened until the 23rd of February.

Mladina magazine was the first among Slovenian media that introduced a rubric where the statements of more or less known people got their place. The name was simple - Statements of the week. On the tenth anniversary of this rubric Mladina published a book with which it presented a survey of national history through legendary statements. Association for culture and education Kibla is celebrating a ten year anniversary this year as well, this is the reason why we draw a parallel with statements of the decade, published in Mladina weekly magazine.

A coupon will be enclosed to every book and so the best statement of the decade and five statements divided in the categories (the wittiest, the most stupid one, the most 
positive one, the funniest, the most offensive one) will be chosen by the readers.

Tomaž Lavrič was born in 1964 in Ljubljana. He studied painting on the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. He occupies himself with caricature and comics by profession. He's the author of the Diareja comics banner which celebrated 15 years of appearance (book, exhibition, theatre performance). He was nominated for the Prešeren fund award (in 2003). He already introduced himself in KiBela with the exhibition Diareja through time (click to view).

The book contains statements which have marked the past decade. Some of them are smart, some stupid, some witty, some depressing, some historical, some too complicated to remember … Because of their qualities (in good and in bad sense) they have found their place in the book. Statements come from practically all the famous Slovenian personalities from politics, sport, culture and economy.

Predominant part of this 564 paged book which is divided into the chapters by the years (since 1995 until 2005), presents a selection of the statements accompanied with Tomaž Lavrič's illustrations. Statements without illustrations extend over approximately one hundred pages.

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