@MULTISOBOTA and MINECRAFT KLUB - Living Cubs_part 6

MMC Kibla, 18 March 2017 at 4 p. m.

Regular Saturday afternoon sessions (@Multisobota), taking place between 4 p. m. and 6 p. m. at the Multimedia Center KIBLA, aim to bring the world of arts closer to young people through various thematic workshops and guided discussions. Creative get-togethers with young explorers of the world of art, science, and technology, are a means of learning about contemporary, intermedia, and transmedia arts. The workshops are thematically linked to our yearly program, which is carried out on three locations: MMC KIBLA, KIBLA PORTAL, and artKIT.

We ventured into the world of Minecraft inspired by the exhibition Lost Space by Staš Kleindienst, and labeled Minecraft's virtual world as a lost one as well. After seeing the exhibition we discussed the works and chose the painting Monument to the Free World as the central motif for building a monument to the "free world of Minecraft". Four participants attended, two at the physical location of MMC KIBLA, and two from a remote location.   

The environment entered by Minecraft players is a shared realm, where the transfer of information and novelties is different. Through the use of digital didactic tools several areas are intertwined in this virtual sphere: architecture, geography, physics, mathematics, programming, technology, and art. The entrance into Kibla's Minecraft Club is often inspired in terms of content by the current exhibition in KiBela Gallery.
Info & sign-up: irena.pamic(at)

Photo: Irena Pamič, arhiv Kibla



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