Multisaturdays: Minecraft Club & Videogames

Multisaturdays: Minecraft Club & Videogames
Saturdays, starting 4 p. m. (Minecraft) / 6 p. m. (Videogames)

Post-holiday multisaturdays begin in September with the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) retro console, and a selection of over twenty games. Multisaturdays continue to focus on multiplayer gaming and the promotion of indie game developers. Our game library is updated regularly and contains a wide array of games, where anyone can find something they enjoy. We also extended the range of PC games, adding Toribash, Worms Armageddon, Raft, and Rogue Legacy.  

Regular Saturday afternoon sessions (@Multisobota), taking place after 4 p. m. at the Multimedia Center KIBLA, aim to bring the world of arts closer to young people through various thematic workshops and guided discussions. Creative get-togethers with young explorers of the world of art, science, and technology, are a means of learning about contemporary, intermedia, and transmedia arts. The environment entered by Minecraft players is a shared realm, where the transfer of information and novelties is different. Through the use of digital didactic tools several areas are intertwined in this virtual sphere: architecture, geography, physics, mathematics, computer programming, technology, and art. The entrance into Kibla's Minecraft Club is often inspired in terms of content by the current exhibition in KiBela Gallery. The workshops are linked to KIBLA's annual artistic program, with events occurring on three locations in Maribor: MMC KIBLA, KIBLA PORTAL, and artKIT.

Saturday afternoon video game sessions at the MMC KIBLA are all about collaboration and multiplayer games. Our aim is to promote an appreciation of video games as a form of art, as well as the development of new skills, and learning about less known products by indie developers. All young aspiring game developers are hereby invited to join us and present their products!

New games:

Toribash is a turn-based fighting game, where each player can create their own fighting style based on the physics sandbox model, by moving the joints on the character's body. The winner, of course, is the player that damages his opponent the most.   

Worms Armageddon
Worms Armageddon is an artillery turn-based strategy game from the now legendary series Worms, marked for its fun, playable, completely destructible terrains, and a wide range of far-out weapons to choose from (Banana Bomb, Old Lady, Concrete Donkey, etc.) Undoubtedly, the Worm series is one of the best choices for gaming parties, as it offers countless different playing options and loads of fun!    

Raft is an experimental survival video game, in which you attempt to survive out at sea on a raft with only floating debris to build with and a troublesome shark to keep you company, while you struggle with hunger and thirst. The materials you catch with your hook can be used to expand your raft, adding walls, windows and extra floors to your humble abode. Several devices are available that help you in getting fresh water or food.   

Rogue Legacy
Rogue Legacy is a game belonging to the so-called Rogue-lite game category, which typically includes elements from the classic game Rogue (e.g. great difficulty and permanent death). Dying is an essential element in Rogue Legacy: every time you die your new character is the offspring of one of the dead characters. The offspring, however, can have some kind of congenital disorder (birth defect), such as nearsightedness, color-blindness, dwarfishness, poor blood circulation in the legs, etc. Fortunately, the offspring characters also inherit their parent's "fortune" (items and progression in the game), so that you don't have to start from the beginning.  

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