Mentor kit

1 August – 30 November 2017
ACE KIBLA in collaboration with partner organizations:
Delavski dom Trbovlje, MIKK Murska Sobota, Pina Koper, Zavod 404

Maribor–Trbovlje–Murska Sobota–Koper–Ljubljana

MENTOR KIT is an educational project in the field of intermedia arts. Workshops, open labs, production, and interactive lectures are some of the principle methods we pursue. Our efforts and activities in 2017 are an upgrade and enhancement of last year's educational program, especially in terms of knowledge exchange, creative workshops, and production.

MENTOR KIT connects partner organizations Zavod 404, Pina Koper, Delavski dom Trbovlje, MIKK Murska Sobota, and ACE KIBLA on a national level. The project is based on an exchange of good practices and connecting topics from the fields of art, technology, and non-formal education as we know them in 21st century society.

Intermedia production for the season 2017 will be presented at the KIBLIX Festival Exhibition in the fall of 2017; the topics explored by artists in contemporary intermedia arts are also the topics of our non-formal educational program activities, carried out by the participating organizations. Workshops focus in particular on the following ideas and/or issues: the human body, technology and personality, artistic exploration of the human perception of existence, movement and migration, environmental issues, biology, nature, social structures, etc.

All participating organizations contribute their part to a common exploration, creation, and production of works and ideas; workshops are often carried out as a joint product by some or all of the partners.

MENTOR KIT is part of ACE KIBLA's non-formal educational program, supported by the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia, and part of the project Risk Change, co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

Mentor kit
ACE KIBLA in collaboration with Zavod 404 (Institute 404, Youth Technology Center)
from 6 to 11 August 2017
Location: Rimske Toplice
This August, ACE KIBLA and Institute 404, Youth Technology Center, are collaborating on a joint project called MENTOR KIT. A summer camp KIT CAMP will be organized by Institute 404, with educational activities connecting fields of intermedia arts and technologies through the work of both organizations.
KIT CAMP is a toolbox containing motors, sensors, switches, microcontrollers, circuits, program codes, and other components. How to use such a toolbox? The topics discussed at this year's summer camp are intermedia arts and artistic insights into technology. What does technology mean to the artists of today? How do they express themselves through technology, and how do they introduce it to their art works? The program will give us a chance to consider intermedia arts as an international phenomenon, through a closer look at the KIBLIX festival platform. We will upgrade our sustainable greenhouse project, and provide it with technical equipment with the help of our KIT CAMP smart toolbox.

Photo: Irena Pamič, Kibla archive



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