Startup müsli #21: Pivoting

MMC KIBLA, 25. 3. 2014

Pivoting has become one of the most commonly used words in the world of start-ups, and with more than good reason. Namely, the main concern of every entrepreneur at the beginning of his/her path is the search for the winning recipe for their business models. Naturally, there are only few that get it right the first time, which is why very often they have to make changes and modifications in the basic elements of their business models, i. e. they have to pivot.

The team of the Eforma company has experienced first-hand the traps of mistaken assumptions, which is why their Mojmoster solution has been changed, adapted, corrected, enhanced and improved numerous times. How, when, why and what to change/pivot, will be explained by architect Martin Pelcl, one of the team members.  

Don't miss out on this important theme and interesting debate! Invite your friends, or anyone interested in pivoting (or pivo – Slovene for 'beer')! J

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