Monika Pocrnjić: KIBLIX Workshop

Monika Pocrnjić
21. 9. 2014, GT 22, MARIBOR, SLOVENIA

As part of the pre-events to the KIBLIX festival and with the support of the VETLICAT project, we are preparing a workshop with Monika Pocrnjić, which will present the possibilities of including new technologies and DIY/DIWO approaches in traditional educational processes. The workshop methodology draws on models developed by the Dutch Waag Society and strives to detect, analyze and eliminate problems marking a specific local environment. Participants will be using discarded appliances to construct small-size electronic devices powered by means of empty batteries, and use them to create a public space intervention. Through the process of the workshop, which is intended for both, the expert public (teachers, researchers, artists) and students, the participants will be able to use new technologies to expand their understanding of ecology, electronics, urban planning and the influence of art on the perception of public space. They will be introduced to the often disregarded heritage of old electronic devices and learn to recycle the out-of-date technology into humorous and useful gadgets. The workshop offers an insight into the educational potential delivered by a skillful use of technological props and practical approaches to the educational process.

Contact: Tanja Grosman (, 031 682 579)

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We are proud to announce a start of the new project VETLICAT which addresses specific target group of creative industry professionals, both VET providers and consumers such as artists, designers and creative sector decision makers. Through six different modules the VETLICAT project will allow them to improve their mind in practical and theoretical aspects of art and new technologies, as well as to meet with significant professionals from the field.



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