radio aporee ::: MariborMaps

radio aporee ::: MariborMaps
Udo Noll (Berlin/Köln) with Patrick McGinley (Tartu / Estonia), support by Ana Pečar, Petra Kapš  & Andrej Hrvatin (Maribor)
radio aporee is a platform for artistic research of concepts and practices in the field of sound, location and their specifications in space. Two terms, periphery and resonance, build the main focal foundation, bound to sound and space and also to social and communicational viewpoints. The term periphery can be defined as a spatial or qualitative differentiation, as movement away from the centre, towards the borders. At the same time, every conscious perception builds peripheries, where the main focus lies in the centre of those peripheries. The term resonance defines two poles: the answer of the place or of the opposed to our mere presence or address, in contrary to the resulting muteness. Do we succeed in establishing a fruitful relationship with the surrounding world or are we left out? Field recordings as the main source and method of the willing approach towards places and situations can be read as communicative relationships: the recorded sound is, at best, the answer to the question, defined by our search and approach. In this case, resonance is the stroke of luck, where a contact with Space and the World is established. Conscious listening is the key and the access point to an intensified reception and experience of the surrounding world.

Udo Noll talking to Carsten Stabenow (Berlin)
30. 08. 2012, 20:00, KIBLA Maribor

Sound maps
31. 08. 2012 (by appointement 10:00–18:00), KIBLA Maribor

During the MariborMaps project, various site-specific sound works were created. These could be imagined as virtual sound installations in public space, to be explored by listeners equipped with mobile GPS-enabled phones, which act as radio receivers for these pieces.

AS WE SPEAK is a project by Goethe-Institut within the framework of the European Capital of Culture „MARIBOR 2012“






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