INVITATION to a business event: ENTERPRISE AND NETWORKING / Co-working and a round-table discussion

 On Wednesday, March 14th 2012, you are invited to the MMC KIBLA for a business event and a presentation of enterprise co-workshops and the concept of co-working.

You are invited to join us at MMC KIBLA (Narodni dom), Kneza Koclja Street 9, Maribor, between 10am and 5.30pm, where we will be working together and getting familiar with the concept of co-working, which is already established abroad, but still rather unknown in Slovenia.

Following an intereseting day of getting a closer look at the enterprise co-workshops, there will be a round-table discussion on the subject of the importance of networking in enterpreneurship, between 6pm and 7.30pm.

The event is organized in two parts:
1. Enterprise co-working workshops between 10am and 5.30pm at the MMC KIBLA (find out more about CO-WORKING in the attachment).
All you need is your laptop and a positive attitude!
Join us and realize the advantages of enterprise co-working!

2. A round-table discussion on the subject of networking, following the workshops, will be held between 6pm and 7.30pm, also at the MMC KIBLA.
The discusssion will host experts experienced in different forms of networking, who will transfer their knowledge onto the participants, as well as their advice and recommendations for an effective business networking:
-    Matej Kosi, activity coordinator at the University of Maribor Career Center,
-    proffesor Stanislav Ojnik, PhD, governor of Rotary Slovenia,
-    Jernej Pirc, executive at BNI Adria d.o.o., business networking and
-    Luka Piškorič, representative of Coworking Slovenia, networking through creative cooperation.
The discussion will be hosted by Žiga Vavpotič, program director of the Ypsilon Institute.
Kindly welcome!

Please confirm your participation until Monday, March 12th 2012, at 080 35 29 or, contacts also available for additional information.
Contact: 080 35 29 or
Find out more about E-PODJETNIK project at

What is co-working?
Co-working is a contemporary working method that enables the self-employed ad other proffesionals to share, occasionally or permanently, the “co-working” space with other creators from their own or any related field.
This first of the kind event in Maribor offers the chance to become familiar with this particular way of coworking hands-on, and see what it's like to share the working space with other creators from a variety of fields, especially if you are self-employed or working in a small team, and wish for a better communication, networking and creative energy flow during your work day.

Do you need to be present the entire time of the coworking?
By no means. You can join in for as long as you like – an hour, a couple of hours, or through the entire event. Everyone is free to create according to their own desires and standards.
The purpose behind the event is to establish regular enterprise co-workshops in Maribor, and to stimulate the growth of a true co-working space in the near future, one that is open to all entrepeneurs, businessmen and other interested parties, and that has already been established in cities across Europe and globally.

Find out more about coworking at:
• - an article from 'Dnevnik' newspaper, entitled »Coworking: a biologist, architect and manager can work at the same desk« from Feb 27th 2012.





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