Europe of the Regions or Province Europe

Europe of the Regions or Province Europe
Boris Buden (Berlin), Helene Breitenfellner (Maribor), Mate Kapovič (Zagreb), Birgit Mennel (Vienna), Josip Rastko Močnik (Ljubljana), Sašo Furlan (Ljubljana), Alenka Pirman (Ljubljana), Stefan Nowotny (Vienna) and others.
assistent Kris Merken (Berlin)
28.08. 16:00 –18:00
29.08. 11:00 –13:00 +15:00 –17:00
Lecture and discussion in English 30.08. 18:00
We are all aware of the phrase „Europe of the regions”. It stands for a Europe which consists not only of several national states, but also of the geo-cultural areas, these states transcend into. While such a European region is often perceived as a region with a specific and unique cultural identity, such segmentation of Europe is not compatible with the ever-persistent regime, bound to nationalistic sovereignty. Maribor – isn’t this also the name of a European region with a hybrid cultural identity that still needs to be defined, especially on the base of language practice and its cultural and political implications? Which is the spoken language of Maribor as a region? The answer can be neither a single homogeneous national language, nor a simple plurality of such languages. The best assumption is the existence of multiple translation processes whose specific cultural and social effects always break the cultural and political framework of Europe apart. A Europe of the regions only makes sense in a Europe, perceiving itself as a region of a global ever-changing World.
AS WE SPEAK is a project by Goethe-Institut within the framework of the European Capital of Culture „MARIBOR 2012“






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