Web tutorials #12

Until recently it seemed that the data base evolution was over. But within few years, everything has changed with the appearance of NoSQL .

Who thinks SQL is not enough? Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook and others have developed new approaches for new times. The lecture is an overview of some of the most typical alternatives to traditional data bases, an examination to their functioning and a check-up of the kind of problems they deal with.

What is eventual consistency? Why is the CAP theorem so annoying? How to operate with a huge amount of data quickly and effectively? Do we really want a thousand computers operating as one single data base? Why the denormalization? Where did all the data schemes disappear?

We will be dealing with concepts such as MapReduce, key/value stores, column stores, document stores and graph stores. We'll have a more detailed look at the Hadoop system (open source implementation of MapReduce) and the Cassandra system (open source key/value store).

Lecturing will be Andraž Tori, co-founder of Zemanta.




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