Mateja Perpar & Aleksander J. Potočnik: Presentation of picture books Klotilda's Hats and On the Nicely Smelling Skunk & multimedia children workshop

Saturday 23 January 2010 at 4.30 pm, MMC Kibla invites - the presentation of picture books Klotilda's Hats and On the Nicely Smelling Skunk and a multimedia children workshop in the company of Mateja Perpar and Aleksander J. Potočnik.

In the company of the authors, we were entertained by their books from the collection of Nagajive pravljice/Naughty Tales, Klotilda's Hats and On the Nicely Smelling Skunk. As they are both into so many interesting and different thins, you might think that they have three heads each, but - fear not! We read funny stories and then Sašo drew a mischievous images based on your wished.

Mateja Perpar is English Language professor, translator, musician and radio announcer at Slovenian National Radio. She likes both animals and humans, especially those who laugh a lot. She often writes down her witty thoughts in a form of fairy-tails. This book, first from the "Nagajive pravljice/Naughty Tales " collection, will surely thrill you and make you laugh. The book Klotilda's Hats offers the first three tales from the playful Naughty Tales collection, all featuring witty and unpredictable twists that will tickle your brain and get you laughing. On the Nicely Smelling Skunk continues nicely towards the aim set, using lucidly humorous vocabulary and original illustrations to entertain the elderly and the young. The first tale tells about a cunning nicely smelling skunk who wishes to sell one if his scented potions to the naive squirrel. The second one introduces us to a diligent grey mouse and all-knowing moth, and the third one to a domineering seagull posing as the great champion on the pier, whereas in his home kitchen he is a total doormat.

Aleksander Jankovič Potočnik (also known as Sašo J.P.) is an architect, fortifications expert and fine illustrator. Young readers know him by playful illustrations in youth books and magazines and pictorial maps for schoolbooks. He too is full of witty thoughts poured by pen and brash on the paper, thus leading your thoughts into colourful world of imagination.

The presentation of picture books was followed by a creative workshop, inviting children to portray the characters they have met in the tales.

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