On people, animals and stones - children play and multumedia workshop

Saturday 28 November 2009 at 4.30 pm, MMC Kibla invites children to learn multimedia workshop for children - learn about Africa through tales

At first, the play On people, animals and stones took us all to Africa. The story has been adapted and directed by Alice Čop based on African tales. To narrate a tale on the “black” Africa is to play, sing, dance for the audience, or rather, to experience it with them. Narrations were often watched by whole villages as African tales are a “metaphor of life”, always including a folk wisdom of a kind. The play presents seven stories on how the world was created - on people, animals and stones.

The play was followed by an educational multimedia workshop, telling children of habits, sights and animals of the rich continent through a screening of images. The budding artists were making their favourite African animals with the help of educators, trying to present it to others both physically and through sounds.

The workshop was moderated by Vlasta Barl and Nermina Simončič.
Workshop execution support Taja Drozg and Uroš Murko
Workshop organised by: Štefan Simončič.

The programme has been supported by the  Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Book.

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