RESCUE – Creative Regeneration of Disused Industrial Sites in Europe
27–28 August 2021
Valvasorjeva 40

On Friday and Saturday, 27 and 28 August, you are invited to Valvasorjeva 40 in Maribor, where the art program of the international project RESCUE, organized by the X-OP Association for Contemporary Art, will take place in the area of the former textile factory and spinning mill.

PHOTO ESSAY: Remnants of Industrialization
SHORT STORIES: The workers are gone, what now? (PDF)

You will be able to see the artistic interventions of artists Maja Hodošček, Nika Rupnik, Vesna Bukovec, Toni Soprano Meneglejte and artists lo milo and Janez Klenovšek, as well as the work of Sara Bezovšek and Dorijan Šiško. In cooperation with Industriopolis, you will go on a guided tour of the former industrial sites in Studenci, Maribor, and visit the Forum of the Theatre of the Oppressed performed by KUD Transformator and ZIZ. We will watch a film screening of Neja Tomšič and Bojan Labović, and Rene Puhar will moderate the talk with the artists. In addition, we will present a collection of short stories, the result of workshops for high school students, which were created under the mentorship of Tomo Podstenšek, and a photo essay by Janez Klenovšek and Simon Žlahtič. Friday and Saturday evenings will be rounded off by a performative sound installation Kamnolom KISETSU by artist and researcher OR poiesis and an audio-visual project D2HGPH by sound artist Neven M. Agalma.

Creative Impulses of Industrial Heritage, a two-day event organized by the X-OP Association as a part of the RESCUE project, through artistic interventions in the public space of the former textile factory in Studenci, an exhibition, film screenings, a forum of the theatre of the oppressed, artist talks, presentations of project publications, guided tour of Maribor's industrial heritage and audio-visual performances, deals with the creative regeneration of former industrial sites and their current and future use. The event, situated in the intermediate space of the courtyard of the complex, creates a space of creative experimentation and directly intervenes in the post-industrial landscape and its broader social context of everyday life. In the context of the entire project, especially this event, we ask ourselves whether there is actually room for artistic interventions in such an environment and under what conditions? The presented art projects, events, and interventions intertwine elements and forms of visual, sound, literary, and performing arts while connecting with the specifics of the location – architecture, urbanism, design, and social and labor history of industry in Maribor, thus contributing to a holistic and multifaceted approach to the issue of industrial heritage.

Admission is free and possible following the PCT (recovered – vaccinated – tested) protocol and NIPH recommendations.


FRIDAY, 27 August 2021

6–7 p.m. On industrial heritage through photography / Moderated discussion with Simon Žlahtič and Janez Klenovšek (moderator Irena Borić)
Location: Valvasorjeva 40

7–8 p.m. Industriopolis / Guided tour (led by Barbara Izlakar)

Starting location: courtyard Valvasorjeva 40

8:30 p.m. Opening of the RESCUE exhibition
Artists: Sara Bezovšek & Dorijan Šiško, Vesna Bukovec, Maja Hodošček, Janez Klenovšek, lo milo, Nika Rupnik and Toni Soprano Meneglejte
Locations: courtyard Valvasorjeva 40

9 p.m. OR poiesis: Quarry KISETSU / Performative sound installation and performance
Location: Valvasorjeva 40

SATURDAY, 28 August 2021

6–7 p.m. The workers are gone, what now? / Moderated discussion with RESCUE workshop participants and mentor Tomo Podstenšek and presentation of the final publication (moderated by Irena Borić)
Location: Valvasorjeva 40

6–10 p.m. RESCUE Exhibition
Artists: Sara Bezovšek & Dorijan Šiško, Vesna Bukovec, Maja Hodošček, Janez Klenovšek, lo milo, Nika Rupnik and Toni Soprano Meneglejte
Locations: courtyard Valvasorjeva 40

7–8:30 p.m. Forum of the Theatre of the Oppressed / KUD Transformator and ZIZ
Location: courtyard Valvasorjeva 40

8:30–10 p.m. Neja Tomšič: Workers Are Leaving the Factory, Bojan Labović: The Dead Giant / Film screenings and talk (moderated by Rene Puhar)
Location: Valvasorjeva 40

10 p.m. DODECAHEDRAGRAPH: D2HGPH (abstract electronics) / Audio-visual performance
Location: Valvasorjeva 40


RESCUE is a project co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. As part of the project, partners from Italy, Germany, Slovenia, and Austria enable high school students and local people to explore the history of abandoned industrial sites to jointly design how to turn them into sustainable spaces for cultural activities.

Project partners: Comune di Santo Stefano di Magra, IT; Klanghaus Kultur, AT; ibug e.V., DE; Associazione Culturale Gli Scarti, IT.

The project is co-financed by the Creative Europe of the European Union program, the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, and the Municipality of Maribor.

Grant Agreement 607507-CREA-1-2019-1-IT-CULT-COOP1

Photo: Urška Lukovnjak and Boštjan Selinšek

Photo: Boštjan Selinšek



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