Balans and Damjan Manevski aka Rush to Relax

 balans are

Kristin Čona: vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar
Andrej Pervanje: vocals, bass guitar, computer drums

The Slovenian underground band balans was formed by Andrej Pervanje and Kristin Čona in 2013. They experiment with various genres, ranging from lo-fi post punk to satirical narratives. Playing around with vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, Ableton and some effects, they wrap up their image with bizarre visuals made by Italian contemporary artist Alessandro Di Giampietro.

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a vam je jasno

Recorded on a Zoom H1 recorder in a bunker in Ljubljana, 2018/2019.
Mastered by: Blaž Pavlica at Radio Študent, Ljubljana.
All music by balans.
All lyrics by balans except for in mene ni (Dane Zajc).
Released on 13th May 2019 at ŠOP Records, Ljubljana.
Edition of 100 CDs.

(record of the year 2018 at Radio Študent)


Damjan Manevski aka Rush to Relax
A solo project that developed after a bunch of failed bands.

Rush to Relax brings the warmth and intimacy of home-recorded music, standing with a firm DIY mindset and under heavy influence of the global rock'n'roll heritage.
Although named after ECSR's last album, the expression has more in common with present-day solo projects like Itchy Bugger, Escape-ism or Vasko Atanasoski. The project's debut cassette was released in early September by Ljubljana's very own Look Back And Laugh label. And the live performance? Stripped-down and energetic, brought with an electric guitar, vocals and some pre-recorded material.
Free up your calendar and come to the show! There's no point if you only rush to relax.


Photo: Peter Lubej, Simon Sedmak



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