Marko Brecelj & co: »Ivan's Birthday« and »Pro-Social Change« (performance)

MMC Kibla 6 January 2017, 8 p. m.

"Ivan's Birthday" is a drama play supported by music and readings; a staging; a performance of at least five creatives of various young ages. The performance succeeded for the first time in Idrija on 28 October 2016. We were emboldened by the success in front of a susceptible audience, hence we decided to "repeat" the performed musical recital at least once a month, because it delights us; we are anticipating a co-creative progress of the whole and of our parts in that whole. The performance aims to become a launching pad for the young and the non-young, but creative and unacclaimed. This sociological cultural experiment will join us in hanging out and proclaiming as we walk alongside the Road to Nowhere. It is there that we are being dragged by our hands and ears by the Trumps and the Merkels, meanwhile the pope declares the war has already started.       
The agitka on the first Friday of this year, 6 January 2017, at 8 p. m., at the Multimedia Center KIBLA in Maribor, is dedicated to the insipidity of the recent "Pro-Social Change" conference, where Dani Kavaš and myself were photo-scalped with the Slovenian Prime Minster.    
– Proparrotogator M. B.
Producer: Association for Contemporary Art X-OP
Co-producers: Association for Culture and Education KIBLA, Association for Art and Audio-Visual Production CODE BLUE
Support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Maribor, Employment Service of Slovenia, Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the Republic of Slovenia.


Foto: Kristijan Robič, Rok Zorc arhiv Kible



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