Tomi Vrečar: 2nd Hand Emotions

Multimedia center KIBLA, Friday, 23 December at 7 p. m.

Tomi Vrečar: 2nd Hand Emotions
(Center for Slovenian Literature, Aleph series, 2016)

Book presentation through a musical-literary performance

Because I believe in interdisciplinarity, in the harmony of different disciplines within the field of artistic creation, because this is my way of functioning over the last twenty years, because I get bored if I'm stuck in the same place for too long, because I'm shy, because I have big ears and even bigger eyes, not to mention the throat, because I'm a magic mushroom sprouting from the hummus of various offshoots, because I believe in unity and companionship, because blues, electronic and trip hop are close to me, because Kibla is the perfect intersection for such a story, because Maribor has been my other creative homeplace for the past two decades, because Maribor's ears have not yet been overindulged ... you are invited to my own intertwinement of the pianoforte and the sound produced by the movement of fingers, to some twinkling and pulsating, to Waitsian songs and Šalamun-inspired recitals. On the night before Christmas Eve, you will be able to enjoy the tinkling and clinking by Soma Arsen, Vrečar's alter-ego, one who is always buckled inside his harness.

"The novelistic debut by Tomislav Vrečar 2nd Hand Emotions, named after a second-hand clothing shop in Ljubljana, is a romance novel about a young threesome from the Slovenian Coast, the Italian and Slovenian towns of Gorizia: the narrator – Thompson, the poet, and the young newlyweds Fragola and Mastin, who in the period between 2000 and 2002 indulge endlessly in the pleasures offered by the urban environment of Ljubljana, where their maturity test coincides with the ending of the Slovenian transitional madness, the post-Yugoslav party-psychosis, and the global political changes following the events of 11 September 2001."       

 (Rok Vevar)

Production: Association for contemporary art X-OP
Co-production: Association for culture and education KIBLA, Association for Art and Audio-Visual Production CODE BLUE
Support: Municipality of Maribor


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