Ognjen Šavija and Liminalit Exploring

On Thursday, 22 December at 8 p. m., at the Multimedia center KIBLA

Sarajevo electronica, double performance: Ognjen Šavija and Liminalit Exploring, debut performance in Slovenia

Ognjen Šavija

Musician, composer, producer, sound designer, multimedia artist, and member of the Ambrosia cultural association from Sarajevo, where he lives, works, and acts.

He has participated in the creation and realization of a great number of musical and multimedia projects, especially in the field of artistic performance. He has played, and still plays in several bands, and is engaged in numerous music projects, such as: Invisible Fields, Acid Jazz Band Kaiten, AAM, Techno Experimental Sound System, Echogenik, Liminalit, etc. He has performed at many festivals across Europe, including: B4, EXIT 2010, Sarajevo Jazz Fest, Media Mediterranea, FIAT, Forbidden Fruits of Civil Society Festival, FAKI, LUR, Itaca Festival, Sarajevska zima, Ljeto u Kamernom, Urban Fest, Solistice 2011, Zelenkovac Jazz Festival... His discography includes more than ten releases under the label Ambrosia Musica, with various music projects or groups, including pieces on two other compilations under the same record label, and another composition, which was released on a compilation by Trost Records Austria.

Over the past two years he has been working on solo projects using guitars, guitar synths, laptops, and MIDI controllers & effects. A journey of genres through soundscapes, ambient, drone, world fusion, and ambient jazz.

Liminalit Exploring

For their Maribor performance, the duo Liminalit Exploring will be presenting for the first time their new project, which covers the whole spectrum of the vast musical expression of the band Liminalit, played from the perspective of Liminalit Exploring. The audience, therefore, can expect a combination of various atmospheres, from soundscapes through world music to free jazz.

Nebojsa Šavija - Valha: guitar, zurna, MIDI controller and effects
Ognjen Šavija: guitar, guitar synth, MIDI controller and effects

Liminalit Exploring is part of the Liminalit ensemble, which was created in 2009 in Sarajevo as a product of fusion between various musical genres and experimentations with sound. The duo acts under the wings of the cultural association Ambrosia, but is also open to collaborations with other artists, who believe they can fit in the creative expression of Liminalit.
They performed at festivals EXIT 2010, Solstice 2011 and Zelenkovac Jazz Festival 2012, and appeared in numerous other events in Bosnia-Herzegovina as well as abroad.

Liminalit's creative endeavors are realized through three different projects:
The first and most central was released during the recording of their debut album Boundary Conditions. It is based on a more melodic approach to mixing genres (ambient, psychedelic, fusion, dub, down-tempo, kraut rock, prog rock, chill-out, ...), and focuses on the musical expression.
The second, Liminalit Exploring, is a more radical and dissonant one (experimental, contemporary music, soundscape, ambient, noise, free jazz, industrial...), and focuses on audio-visual research by means of interactions between sound, image, light, and space.
The third, Liminalit Classic, performs original compositions for two guitars and bass, combined with genre elements of ambient, (world) jazz, world music, and classical music.

Liminalit Exploring – Abstraction in Color (live) 2011/2016



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Production: Association for contemporary art X-OP

Co-production: Association for culture and education KIBLA, Association for Art and Audio-Visual Production CODE BLUE

Support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia


Photo: Kristijan Robič, Kibla archive



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