Ballads of violence 2.0

BALADS OF VIOLENCE 2.0, Friday, 11 March at 9 p. m. at the MMC KIBLA

Tibor Hrs Pandur
Aphra Tesla
Jan Krmelj
Gašper Torkar

Welcome to the temporary liberated territory of the mobile paraliterary unit - the Radio Kričač editorial office in exile, which continues to air regardless of the fratricidal war raging outside. The program featured a radio manifestation for the expelled regiment of BALLADS OF VIOLENCE: the vocals and lyrics - based on their dreams and life insights - were lent by comrades Aphra Tesla & Tibor Hrs Pandur, and accompanied by mix-masters Jan Krmelj (piano) and Gašper Torkar (sound synthesizer).

P. S.
It was also possible to acquire a copy of the previous and latest edition of the magazine IDIOT: IDIOT/DE, a German-Slovenian mini anthology of the guests of this year's Literodrom II, and texts by Slovenian colleagues. It was illustrated in full color by Marko Jakše (more at:



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