KIBLA is a Slovenian presentation and production institution for the field of multimedia and intermedia art and culture. Our year-round activity comprises traditional (“excluded”) media, yet they are applied in a different context to support the historical continuity of visual art as well as increased aesthetisation and integration of digital media. We support the principles leading to complex multimedia presentation systems. KIBLA has been part of the process of intermedialising and digitalising culture and art from its very beginnings. We support intensely experimental and specific projects in the field of intermedia art, introduce creative and practical uses of sophisticated technologies to the field of culture, the eventual (and also utopian) aim being to support functionally the existing networks that seek to digitalise, present and decentralise culture in Slovenia and Europe.
In 2010, KIBLA (KiBela Gallery) implemented 21 production units from fields of contemporary visual and intermedia art (exhibitions, promotion and production of projects) at home and abroad. Also established was the X-OP platform, eXchange of art operators and producers. X-OP being a network of artists, researchers, operators, producers and centres, its formation resulted in a European platform for art production and exchange. Based on its locations, spaces and user-adapted technological structure, it encourages the mobility of artists, theoreticians and managers. The project has been designed so as to foster pan European cooperation, joint production and an interdisciplinary approach to art. The network currently comprises 14 organisations from Europe and Turkey.
Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2011, KIBLA is a member of numerous international associations:

  • Full member of European Multimedia Forum – Brussels
  • Member of Culture Action Europe – Brussels
  • Co-founder and member of M3C – Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia
  • Member of International Federation of Multimedia Associations (FIAM-IFMA) – Montreal, Canada

Since 1995, TOX publishing label has been active within KIBLA with more than 40 editions from fields of contemporary art and culture having been published so far (catalogues of group exhibitions and individual artists, compendia, books, fiction). In 2009, KIBLA ACE started publishing FOLIO magazine.
FOLIO magazine was first published in 2009 as the “pilot” edition – four issues of the magazine for intermedia art, culture and the joy of life. It included presentations of numerous Slovenian and foreign artists from various arts spheres of activity and creativity (dance, photography, visual arts, intermedia projects), both in visual form through reproductions of their works and reports of events, and in conversation with them.
FOLIO has been designed according to the principle of KIBLA's operation – integration of art and contemporary technology, science, ecology, cookery... FOLIO thus presents an integrated entity that reflects a certain time and space. In its contents, FOLIO is a multilayered medium, which is also expressed in its slogan – magazine for contemporary art, culture and the joy of life. FOLIO has been conceived globally – therefore bilingually: all the contributions are published both in Slovenian and English. In the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine a local or national medium in the field of art and culture. Particularly in Slovenia. We have turned the fact that Slovenia is small to our advantage, as the medium that can appear at the global culture media market opens up possibilities for the promotion, presentation and appearance of Slovenian production in art and culture at the international level.
Past performance of KID KIBLA in the field of publishing various editions has been abundant and rich, spanning the whole period of its activity. Among its main activities is running the Za:misel bookshop and TOX publishing label. On top of presenting individual works and writers at literary events, KIBLA has also been organising and producing the Love literary festival for the fourth year in a row, featuring appearances of contemporary literary authors.



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