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The distribution is adapted to target groups and the interested general public as well as special expert publics. FOLIO magazine is free and distributed in Slovenia via institutions and venues operating in culture and art – particularly in galleries and cultural venues from Lendava to Koper: it is available in Murska Sobota Gallery, Lendava museum and gallery, MIKK Murska Sobota, TIC Gornja Radgona, in Ljubljana: Museum of Modern Art, Kapelica gallery, Vžigalica gallery, Alkatraz gallery, KUD France Prešeren, Kino Šiška Ljubljana, ŠKUC, Photon gallery; Centre for contemporary arts Celje, Museum of Too Modern Art Litija, Koroška Fine Art Gallery, Ex garage Maribor, Maribor Art Gallery, Kino Udarnik, Vetrinjski dvorec mansion, Cultural incubator, Infopeka Maribor, Osmica, Muzikafe Ptuj, Mihelič Gallery and Park hotel, MKC Koper and PINA Gallery, Coastal Galleries, Nova Gorica Municipal Gallery, Pilon Gallery Ajdovščina, CAC Bukovje Postojna…
FOLIO is also available for free in bookshops, libraries and other cultural institutions across Slovenia: Zamisel Bookshop Maribor, Azil Bookshop in Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, SEM Bookshop and Museum Ljubljana, library at the Faculty of Education, Maribor, libraries of Grammar Schools Maribor I and II, Maribor Library / Rotovž Library, University Library Maribor, library at the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana, library at the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, library at the Art Academy Novi Sad.
By performing distribution with the help of partner institutions pursuing educational and artistic contents and programmes we make sure that the magazine is available and accessible to the interested public nationwide. We plan to ensure availability in partner cities of the European capital of culture and in institutions that have been included in the cultural capital programme either via programmes or/and organisational activities. FOLIO is also distributed to all the embassies of the Republic of Slovenia and certain media institutions. Our particular awareness with regard to distribution goes to students of art as well as secondary school students of social sciences and humanities. We have thus been arranging with teachers at fine art departments and libraries of relevant schools to offer access to the magazine.
Target groups: age structure from 18 years onwards, interested general and expert public

  • Artists of various fields
  • Gallerists, curators, producers in the field of art (in wider sense)
  • Students, particularly in fields of art, multimedia, philosophy, art history, sociology, anthropology, ethnology, graphic design, architecture, pedagogy, communicology, economy... – humanities, culture and education
  • Fans of contemporary art and culture
  • Journalists and editors from fields of culture and art
  • Politicians, ambassadors and cultural attachés acting in Slovenia
  • The remaining interested public

On European and world scale, the distribution focuses on cultural centres like Linz (Ars Electronica Center Linz, Lentos Kunstmuseum and OK Offenes Kulturhaus Linz), Graz (Kunsthaus Graz, Joanneum), Vienna (Mumok), Berlin (Slovenian Embassy in Berlin, galleries), Brussels, Marseille, Lisbon, Guimarães, Prague, Beijing… (Spain, Finland, Macedonia, Austria, Germany, France, USA, China) and on events, such as art fairs and festivals: Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Kinetika, Animateka, Kiblix, MFRU, HAIP, Amber in Turkey, Istanbul biennial, Preview Berlin. This is all largely due to partner cooperation of ACE KIBLA and its participation in numerous collaborations, activities and projects with foreign partners in Europe and around the world. The X-OP platform, eXchange of art operators and producers, serves as a major distribution basis and partner network for programmes and contents of the magazine. X-OP being a network of artists, researchers, operators, producers and centres, its formation resulted in a European platform for art production and exchange. Based on its locations, spaces and user-adapted technological structure, it encourages the mobility of artists, theoreticians and managers. The network currently comprises 14 organisations from Europe and Turkey. The project has been designed so as to foster pan European cooperation, joint production and an interdisciplinary approach to art.
Informing is ensured via our website. The magazine is being distributed over a long period of time, whereas contents from all the issues printed so far are also available online in PDF format. We use the Internet as a medium for topical information, announcements and short-term contents, whereas with FOLIO magazine we seek to ensure that its printed contents should not turn to environmentally burdening waste too quickly.

If you want to distribute FOLIO magazine please contact us folio (at)



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