Kamila Śladowska: Healing bodies, healing ecosystems

Kamila Śladowska: Healing bodies, healing ecosystems
31 May–29 June 2024

You are cordially invited to the opening of the solo exhibition Healing bodies, healing ecosystems by Kamila Śladowska, which will take place on Friday, 31 May 2024, at 7 p.m. in the artKIT exhibition space.


”Healing bodies,
healing ecosystems,
healing nervous systhem,
healing relationships in order to regenerate.
Discovering in order to regenerate
Whatever I introduce to my body, I introduce it to the ecosystem.
Building alternative futures based on co-feeling.
Searching for new solutions in order to empower communities.
Ecofeminism questions paradigms.
Hydrofeminism is to remember about water, its circulation and fluidity.
Ecosexuality is a metaphorical way to reconnect with the ecosystems through body and senses.
The aesthetics of recycling and imperfection brings alternatives to capitalist perfectionism.
The exhibition expresses my anxieties related to anthropocene and my small-scale efforts to find ways of healing them. It is a painting sanatory, sensorial ecosystem of my thoughts and experiences aiming to question and search for strategies in the times of catastrophes.
This painting installation consists of diverse media objects creating altogether a space for spectators to feel, experience, empathize, engage, reflect. You will find there paintings, interactive sound objects, edible elements, text fabrics, a hydrofeminist mind map etc.

Within the exhibition you can to read a zine created collectively with Kalina Talejko and Natalia Rokita. You will also experience the Herb Brew Instrument - a result of collaboration with Kristīne Tukre, Mark Reid Bulatovič and Robert Prakapovich. The soundscapes and Playtronica interactions in the space are done in collaboration with Robert Prakapovich.”

On 19 June 2024 in the location will take place a performative interaction by Kamila Śladowska and Robert Prakapovich which will be the result of their mobility in Maribor financed by an EU grant program Culture Moves Europe.

Instagram: @kamila_sladowska
FB page: Kamila Sladowska

Collaboration links:
Instagram: @tukre_kristine
Instagram: @myguitarmark97
Instagram: @robert_prokopovich

Kamila Śladowska is a Helsinki based visual artist born in 1996 in Warsaw, who works with various media, focussing on painting. Being raised in anthropocene, she tries to learn about painting from more-than-humans. The artist researches around topics of diversity and cultural anthropology in the context of post-humanism. Her creation is associated with ecosexuality or eco-feminism. Inspired by hydrofeminist , Sladowska investigates the relationship of human and more-than-human. In the past years she has been working on interconnected immersive painting ecosystems. She makes effort to work with recycled materials or using slow techniques in order to reduce the harmful impact of painting. Her work has been shown in multiple countries in Europe (including for example Biennial of Palermo, STØND LEEG festival in Antwerp, Asbestos Art Space in Helsinki, Sinfonia Varsovia in Warsaw or In Feminis Veritas in Berlin).

< Kamila Śladowska: Shaving legs, mowing grass, oil on canvas and digital layering, 2024; photo: Kamila Śladowska

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Photo: Janez Klenovšek

Photo: Janez Klenovšek



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