Mišo Hochstätter: Nature morte 1975

Mišo Hochstätter: Nature morte 1975
artKIT, Glavni trg 14, Maribor
11 September–28 September 2019

Nature morte 1975 – almost half a century ago Mišo Hochstätter created a series of photo collages, putting emphasis on the problem of the industrial environment pollution, naming it Dead Nature, thus ranking him among the first modern ecology activists raising the growing consumer population’s awareness of the consequences of the same. Especially due to its date of creation, this work of him is important in raising awareness about the history of landscape.

Mišo Hochstätter originates from a family of photographers, his father Jožef Hochstätter, originating from Prekmurje, founded in Maribor in 1953 the Foto studio Hochstätter in the Vetrinje Mansion. After studying at the Maribor Pedagogical Academy, Mišo Hochstätter studied for two years in Munich at the Staatliche Fachakademie für Fotodesign Munich, he then graduated in Maribor. In 1970 and 1980 he was one of the protagonists of the Maribor art scene, he created artistic photography and graphic design, he created the integrated graphic design for the music group Lačni Franc and the Maribor Art Gallery. He was the art editor of the student newspaper Katedra (1971–1972) and member of the group N (Independent) (1972–1974), led by Jože Kološ and from which, after the first spontaneous bonding of photographers, the Koštabona photo colony and the biennial event Combined photography were developed. From 1975 to 1987 he independently and in cooperation with other creators (e.g. Brane Rončel and Milan Latin-Muso) organised events called audio-visual programmes. In the framework of the Poetic Theatre of Bojana Rudl, he participated in the multimedia shows Flowers of Strolmers (1987) and The Cold Tenderness of Public Toilets (1988), in which poetry, music, dance and photography were associated. During 1986–1990 he lived in Munich and worked for various photographic agencies; all this time, he also worked at home, in 1991 he finally returned to Maribor. In 1995, he established the Hochstätter Masters Gallery in the rooms of the Hochstätter photo studio, in which, until 2008, a series of photographic exhibitions were organised.  He exhibited his works at home and abroad and received a series of awards and recognitions.

In cooperation with the Festival of Photography Maribor 2019: World in light.

"This year's realisation of the photographic festival in Maribor is dedicated to landscapes and the environment, which will be exposed from different angles via exhibitions that mainly address the contemporary artistic treatment of this topic. Photographic techniques, formal and substantive challenges, ecology, politics, science, fantasy, as well as the definition of motif within the art history profession are very topical themes and something both artists and experts as well as the general public are dealing with."


Venue: artKIT, Glavni trg 14, Maribor, Slovenia

Photo: Gerhard Angleitner



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