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17th international festival of intermedia arts KIBLIX 2018

MMC KIBLA, 14–17 November 2018

KIBLIX was designed as far back as 2002 as an open code information technologies festival connecting art, technology and science. This year, the 17th edition of the international KIBLIX festival takes place between 14th and 17th November 2018 at the MMC KIBLA in Maribor, Slovenia.

KIBLIX festival focuses on two core aspects, the artistic and the educational part.

The educational or pedagogic approach is targeted at the school population of all generations, the aim of the festival is to include  students of elementary and secondary schools as well as university students. The orientation of the formal educational system in Slovenia is still overly unidirectional, it lacks interdisciplinarity, and for that reason it remains closed in the tight domain of its own scientism, which in the global era continues to melt its paraffin wings. The school system stubbornly hangs on to the idea of the dangers associated to an excessive use of computers and other modern-day devices, whereby we would like to emphasize the simple fact, that this rule applies to all areas of human activity, and therefore cannot be an imperative in this regard.

In its own, internal development course, pedagogy is lagging behind the global developments in the fields of technology and the internet, i.e., those areas of modern-day life, which have the greatest influence on children and their horizons in this day and age. KIBLIX festival is our own way of contributing to raising the awareness of not only children and youths, but also teachers and other educational workers, about the importance and use of ICT in schools.

Apart from the educational-workshop part, the evening hours of the festival are reserved for visits to the realm of live AV performances. As part of our cycle MIGAV 2018, a fixed program set of contemporary audio-visual production, selected performers deal especially with explorations into the sphere of electro-acoustic music, live electronics and improvisation, with a tight link to visual sources of actively processed images. The selection of artists is based on exploring the field of electronic and electro-acoustic music in all its manifestation forms, derivatives, synthesis, combinations, intertwinements, etc. MIGAV aims to transfer these visible and audible clouds into real space, the space between us and around us; it looks to immerse us and enable a direct experience in the form of an interaction between author and audience; live moments appealing to the ears and eyes.   Program KIBLIX 2018:

14. 11. Wednesday

15.00–19.00 Lego workshop (mentor: Sašo Marković)

19.00 Lecture Simon Macuh (presentation of pirate radio workshop)

 22.00 OR poiesis: PARADISCO#zvočni zid (live AV performance)
22.30 Boštjan Perovšek: Uglasbljanje spomina (Turning memory into music)

15. 11. Thursday

10.00–15.00 pirate radio workshop and Raspberry Pi (mentor: Simon Macuh, max 9 participants, for students of artistic and technical studies)

15.00–19.00 Lego workshop (mentor: Sašo Marković) 

21.00: Stane Špegel: Forest Tales (live AV performance)

22.00: Marko Batista: Grid lock (live AV performance)

16. 11. Friday

10.00–15.00: Workshops in multimedia, programming and light effects (mentor: Franc Vrbančič)

16.00: lecture Jože Slaček: DNA of art and immortality
18.00 lecture Tomaž Grušovnik: HETEROTROPHY – What is more personal than sleeping with someone? Eating them! (doc. dr. Tomaž Grušovnik on the subject of dietetic existentialism)

 21.30: Klaus Filip: Sonic Luz (live AV performance)

22.30: Andrej Fon

17. 11. Saturday
 10.00–13.00: Workshops in multimedia, programming and light effects (mentor: Franc Vrbančič)


ACE KIBLA Production ACE KIBLA is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Maribor. Project RISK CHANGE (2016–2020) is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union


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