Žarko Bašeski: Asphyxia – DPZN
05.04.2018 20:00
Žarko Bašeski: Asphyxia
KD Hrpelje Kozina, Reška cesta 14, Slovenia
22–29 March 2018, until 5 April
Opening on Thursday, 22 March 2018, at 8 p. m. The work of Žarko Bašeski is on display in Hrpelje Kozina until 5 April. Next location is Smodnišnica in Kamnik. Žarko Bašeski's work Asphyxia, displayed in Kulturni dom Hrpelje Kozina, is an intermedia art work created in 2017. His latest, most topical, and most complex sculpture incorporates new media, which broaden the dimensions of artistic perception. The most recent work by this internationally acclaimed, exceptional and unique Macedonian sculptor, is a powerful symbol of modern man’s existential condition in the world. 

It can be seen as a desperate cry of mankind, dying in a suicidal agony. A terror-stricken, suffocating face fights for breath inside a transparent plastic bag, while images of beautiful and pleasant memories of his life run inside his mind (video projection).

Following the international premiere of this work in Maribor and after display in DDT in Trbovlje, Asphyxia is now moving to other venues and locations.

Žarko Bašeski: Asphyxia, 2017
(sculpture; silicone, nylon, natural hair, 200 x 180 x 160 cm)


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