Kiblix Mobil 2017
08.02.2017 16:35

Saša Spačal, Mycophone_unison (installation, video)
transmediale Berlin, 24. 2. 2017

At the transmediale in Berlin, Saša Spačal will present the project Mycophone_unison at the opening of the Mycelium network society, on 24 February 2017 at Silent Green. The event is an initiation of the new network, which will feature, among other projects, lectures, and performances, a presentation of Mycophone_unison, physically as an installation and with a 10 minute video projection about Mycophone_unison (produced by Kibla).

More about the work mycophone_unison (MFRU-KIBLIX 2013)
Saša Spačal, Mirjan Švagelj, Anil Podgornik (SI): mycophone_unison, 2013

“We are of the universe – there is no inside, no outside. There is only intra-acting from within and as part of the world in its becoming.”
– Karen Barad, Meeting the Universe Halfway, Duke University Press

Mycophone_unison in the spacetime of multiplicities serves as a navigation tool. A sound map of intra-action between three microbiomes of the bodies of its authors and the viewer. By pressing the fingerprint the viewer sends a signal to the map that processes it through the central celestial plate to the microbiomes that modulate it as a sound of unison. The multiplicities of the authors are heard as one for one brief moment in the here and now.

Mycophone_unison was developed by Saša Spačal, dr. Mirjan Švagelj and Anil Podgornik in collaboration with the Multimedia center KIBLA.

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