Project Start-up müsli
21.02.2012 19:00
Project Start-up müsli

‘Start-up müsli’ stands for events that will be organized together with start-up enthusiasts from all over Slovenia in cooperation with the Business Incubator of the University of Maribor. The events will serve as a presentation of Slovenian IT companies, especially young firms or those that are explicitly development-oriented.

Unlike Web tutorials that already host this line of people, the Start-up müsli events will not be technologically oriented, but will feature company founders lecturing about the business path they have walked so far, and their aims for the future. The heart of the concept involves the connection of three key elements for success in innovation: IT – CULTURE – ENTERPRISE. It is a concept still entirely unknown to the young population of the region, apart from rare exceptions, and in this way we wish to bring it closer to the widest possible circle of interested public. The project is intended mostly for students of computer sciences, business and economics, new media and art

As Web tutorials have already taken up Tuesday evenings, adding a little of that geek touch, we are including project Start-up müsli in the wider program concept so that the events will take place every two weeks, taking turns with Web tutorials.  

The events will be promoted especially on universities: at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, which has an engineer and new media oriented background (media communications), the Faculty of Economics and Business, which has economists, and the Faculty of Education with students of art pedagogy, sociology and philosophy. All three faculties are members of the University of Maribor. One of the goals of the project is to upgrade the community created by Web tutorials. We feel that students of these faculties should be particularly encouraged to meet, socialize and connect among each other. Their joint connections will be directed towards linking up with young entrepreneurs, founders of development businesses and young professionals from the above fields. We are also counting on a significant support on behalf of the media, as the concept in itself discloses an innovative approach.  

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