KIBLIX 2009 festival / GOTO10
10.11.2009 11:20
KIBLIX 2009 festival – Open code for artistic purposes
12.11. - 14.11.2009

Kibla has been organising the open code festival since 2002, yet this once completely technological festival has recently been transformed into the domain of art and education. Kibela has thus hosted Brane Zorman and Intima, Pix, Kate Rich, Julian Oliver, whereas the giant Robovox by Martin Bricelj and Codeep was presented at Maribor's Glavni trg. This year Kiblix will be marked by the international GOTO10 collective of artists and programmers, dedicated to Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and digital arts. GOTO10 aims to support and grow digital art projects and tools for artistic creation, located on the blurry line between software programming and art.
GOTO10 lives on servers, IRC channels, lists and streams. They have no static physical meeting place. Their events are organised throughout Europe, independently and in collaboration with like-minded organizations. Their aim is to live within this network of machines, people and places, to develop and teach new and existing tools, to produce, experiment and play.

KIBLIX 2009 festival – Open code for artistic purposes / programme

Audio-visual performances:
Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November, Pekarna, Gustaf Hall

adrian vacca "extrem-simulator 0.2a"
In this performance simple routines controlling a few vactrols connected to a simple radio (walkie talkie) circuit. it's (audio) output is then again fed into feature detection algorithms, which alter the patterns that control the vactrols. so, the extrem simulator is a digital-analogue feedback chain.

Jan-Kees van Kampen - []

Jan-Kees van Kampen (adrian vacca), born in 1975 in Zetten/NL, studied electronic music and composition in Hilversum. He focuses on networked audio and live composition. At early age Adrian Vacca found a cows attention to suit much better to his type of music, than a human being does. Since he's been making music for cows exclusively.  Currently investigating a cows eagerness to host a 802.11g access-point for rural coverage for his "computer musik concerts for the modern cow", which for 2 years also found their ways to the placard festival, he yields ultimate pace in these fields.

claudiusmaximus "D01234"

D01234 is live audiovisual performance that uses real-time permutations within a five-dimensional cube to generated hypnotic 3D graphics and acid/techno beats.


Claude Heiland-Allen - []

Claude Heiland-Allen is a digital artist from London. Art was his first love, or was it computers? Either way the three of them have been involved in a tangled relationship for longer than he can remember. Ten years of using proprietary software was enough, and in 2004 he made a break for freedom.  No more having to use hacks of dubious legality to add extra features to his tools of choice, no more worry over whether his files will be useable in the distant future after the software vendor is long gone and forgotten.
He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Oxford UK, then devoted his time to learning the arts of Linux, Puredata and Gridflow.

krgn "frühstück mit medea"
"frühstück mit medea" is an audio/visual exploration of the medea theme as seen in films by Pier Paolo Pasolini and Lars von Trier.

Karsten Gebbert (krgn) is a German musician and software developer living in California. His music is heavily inspired by the minimal techno scene and generative art. All his work is done in Supercollider and with custom made audio utilities. Karsten is currently the maintainer of the real-time kernel for pure:dyne, the GNU/Linux distribution for media artists.

Installation, Kibela, opening: Thursday, 12.11., 9 pm
Claude Heiland-Allen: RDEX
RDEX is an installation in which a user can navigate with a mouse in a complex autonomous hyperspace mathematical model. The system can provide automated search for interesting emergent behaviour (life-alike, alife). Each of the unique journeys of the audience is configured via an interactive display of the classified 4D parameter space.

Workshop: Creating Sound and Image using Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS)
Thursday 12th and Friday 13th November, 11.00 - 13.00 and 13.30 - 15.30
This workshop will explore the possibilities in the field of audio/visual creation using a variety of different bits of free software in simple yet powerful ways. The participants will use SuperCollider 3 and its live-coding capabilities to glean into sound generation- and processing techniques in conjunction with simple video playback scripts. You'll learn to schedule musical events along a timeline, imagined or real, and render the results to
disk. Simultaneously, we will look at techniques of generating video material programmatically using tools like processing, pdp, mjpeg tools and more. Finally, we will put the results together using video editing software.

8-12 Participants max
(Basic knowledge of computer mandatory, basic programming experience not needed but would be a plus.)

Workshop mentors: Karsten Gebbert in Jan-Kees van Kampen

Please send your application for the workshop on:

Kiblix 2009 is part of gRig project, which has been supported by the European Commission - Culture Programme 2000, Slovenian Ministry of Culture and the City of Maribor.

This year Kiblix 2009 festival - Open code for artistic purposes and the international festival of computer arts organised by MKC Maribor, that is celebrating its 15th anniversary, have joined forces in preparing an interesting and diverse programme.

More on:

Kindly welcome!
Entrance free.

ACE KIBLA program is supported by Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Maribor and The Slovenian Office of Youth. KIBLA is a part of Multimedia Centres Net Slovenia.

Maja Vuksanović

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