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Beno Artnak
6 October 2017, 6 p. m.
Beno Artnak, Painting's Dream / Sen slike
6 October – 28 October 2017
artKIT, Glavni trg 14, Maribor

– exhibition opening on Friday, 6 October 2017, at 6 p. m.
– breakfast with the artist on Saturday, 7 October 2017, at 10 a. m.
<br... 28.10.2017 18:00
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Touring exhibition MIG 21 in Novi Sad, Serbia
International Art Exhibition MIG 21: Migratory Interdisciplinary Grid 21
Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina
Novi Sad, Serbia
27 October 2017 – 19 November 2017

Opening and performances
27 October 2017, at 19:00
Live performances at the exhibition opening:
M... 27.10.2017 19:00
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EduKIBLIX 2017
Workshop: Arduino and Art
Every Wednesday, 4 p. m.

Arduino and Art is a workshop designed to connect technologies and intermedia arts. This is a beginner-level workshop, where we will be learning about the basics of Arduino programming. Sessions will be held between 4 p. m. and 6 p. ... 18.10.2017 16:00
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RC art residencies in Novi Sad
Risk Change Touring Production Residencies
2nd RC Residence
Novi Sad, Serbija
18–28 October 2017

The second art residency is hosted by a partner of the RISK CHANGE project, the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina (, and takes place in the beautif... 18.10.2017 10:00
[more] Category: Spodnji okvir

Navid Navab
Navid Navab
Practices of Everyday Life | Cooking
culinary concert for chef and enchanted kitchenette
Friday, 13 October 2017, 19:00
KIBLA Portal, Valvasorjeva 40, Maribor
KIBLIX 2017 Pre-event

NAVID NAVAB artistic direction, concept, composition, real-time sound, ... 13.10.2017 19:00
[more] Category: Zgornji okvir

29 June–11 October 2017

KIBLA PORTAL, Valvasorjeva 40, Maribor, Slovenia
Tuesday–Saturday: 3 p. m. to 7 p. m.
(closed on Sundays and Mondays, and national holidays)
The exhibition will be showing until 11 October 2017.

A Link Between Fine Arts and Science
<b... 11.10.2017 23:59
[more] Category: Zgornji okvir

Stojan Grauf Eyewitnesses
15 September – 7 October 2017

Welcome to Eyewitnesses, an exhibition by Stojan Grauf, opening on Friday 15 September 2017, at 7 p. m. at the Multimedia Center KIBLA – KiBela, Space for Art.

Stojan Grauf is presented on this occasion as a true inte... 07.10.2017 20:00
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Taiwan International CI Design Award
Finalists of the Taiwan International Graphic Design Award 2017
(Taiwan International Graphic Design Award)
Miha Kosmač for designing the poster for Caravan Next – Best of Both Worlds

Miha Kosmač is among the finalists for designing the poster and leaflet for the Community Art F... 09.10.2017 09:36
[more] Category: Zgornji okvir

Branimir Ritonja, I am Guilty
19 September – 30 September 2017
artKIT, Glavni trg 14, Maribor

– Tuesday, 19 September 2017, at 6 p. m. – exhibition opening
– Wednesday, 20 September 2017, at 10 a. m. – breakfast with the artist

Branimir Ritonja, I am guilty

You are kindly welcome to attend ... 30.09.2017 18:00
[more] Category: Zgornji okvir

HERITAGE, Tourism and Hospitality 3rd International Conference
HERITAGE, Tourism and Hospitality
3rd International Conference
Narratives for a World in Transition
Pori, Finland, 27–29 September 2017

At the international conference HERITAGE, Tourism and Hospitality, speaker Peter Tomaž Dobrila, ICT and cultural expert, will present the ... 30.08.2017 16:32
[more] Category: Spodnji okvir

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