MED 2016


Friday, 12. 2. Kibla portal (Valvasorjeva 40)

MED 2016
Maribor Electronic Destination

12. februar 2016 / 21:00 – 6:00

22.00 I Fuck Them All / SI, USA

electro-acoustic vocal-noise free-flow performance

23:00 Electric Boogie / SI

downtempo – trip hop - space ambience

00:00 Lucrecia Dalt / DE,Colombia
bass guitar in an inventive ambiental electro landscape

01:00 Reaky / SI: Live Act - deep, hypnotic electronic and hard-hitting beats
03:00 Reaky / SI: progressive techno-psy DJ set

The purple thread of this year’s festival is the independent and powerful local, mostly Maribor-based multi-stream production, crowned with a guest appearance by Colombia-born and Berlin-based Lucrecia Dalt. The common foundation of the performers is rooted in the creative and plentiful old-school backgrounds formed in the 1980’s and 90’s and their reverberations, from a multiple blossoming of ambiental post-synthetic sound and electronic experimental compositions (Lucrecia Dalt), a reinterpretation of multi-stream dub/down-tempo/trip-hop (Electric Boogie), an experimental noise&vocal performance (I Fuck Them All), to marathon deep, hypnotic and hard-hitting techno beats from the dark side of dance electronica, as a kind of homage to the Maribor golden 90’s era and the break of the millennium (Reaky). The remedial February evening will be driven by bass, midrange and treble frequencies produced by unconventional approaches to sound and music, and is intended both for the soft electro-acoustic hedonists, as for the relentless techno freaks with a stable neural network.

This year, KIBLA marks the 20th anniversary of its existence and prepares for the 9th edition of the MED festival that encourages an open approach to different kinds of musical expression, with a special focus on electronic and electro-acoustic production. As always, a wide range of musicians and sound artists each put their own stamp on the event. For the fourth consecutive year, the Maribor Electronic Destination takes place at KIBLA’s post-industrial venue, a huge concrete pillared hall, a truly befitting setting with a generous lounge and chill-out space. Over the evening and night span of the sound intervals, the destination enables the visitors a variety of sonic and atmosphere experiences, both for purely casual reasons, and as an opportunity for an outburst of energy under the dictate of straight and heavy dance rhythms.
(Aleksandra Kostič, selector and coordinator MED 2016)      

IFTA (I Fuck Them All)
Trbovlje – Maribor - California
electro-acoustic vocal-noise free-flow performance

    I FTA (I Fuck Them All) is an audio-performative entity, a fusion of the acousmaticity of the duo of voice, and the uncontrollability of noise. This theatre-fashioned sonic project thus operates with the leitmotif of religious symbols entwined into the repetitiveness of everyday routine. The physical construction of such a sonic manipulation is composed of and musically supported by soft noise (Neven M. Agalma) and improvised, canonized choral singing with recitals (Cameron Bobro and Aphra Tesla).

Electric Boogie

Electric Boogie is the stage name of local Maribor-based multitalented musician and multimedia enthusiast – Beno Soršak. In 2007 he released his debut “Universe in Multiverse”, which received great reviews, and was followed in 2014 by the EP “MAINFRAME”, focusing more in the direction of downtempo and trip-hop. Known as an exceptional guitarist, Soršak has worked with numerous bands (Siti Hlapci, Bro, Ritem Sekta) and is no stranger to joining in to other spontaneous ad hoc ensembles. He is also a passionate sound designer and producer of music tracks for TV and radio adverts and other productions.

Beno Soršak is an independent Slovenian-based music producer, noise artist, and musician. All of Electric Boogie’s music has an element of ambience that makes it blend into space. It’s focused on the inner mental experience of the listener. Mainframe EP, with an artwork created by Viivi Tarik is his second major release oriented in the direction downtempo and trip hop.

Throughout his long career as a musician, Soršak has touched on nearly every genre. He spent fifteen years as a professional guitarist for a wide variety of genres and he has been performing live acts for four years utilizing his computer and external music equipment. Electric Boogie stands for a truly one-of-a-kind ambiental musical experience.

Lucrecia Dalt, Berlin, DE – Pereira, Colombia

Dalt’s music has the heft of a bass guitar.
The music from Lucrecia Dalt’s first phase, starting late in the last decade, was plenty experimental, though it consisted of songs built around rhythm tracks and lyrics. A broad range of ideas filled up the middle, foremost being meditative bass guitar. Between her 2012 and 2013 albums, Commotus and Syzygy, the structure started to break apart like ice floes at sea. Words retreated and beats shrunk to clicks and pulses. Always nocturnal, the air shifted from humid stillness to a cold breeze. Even as her work moves towards purely electronic sounds, it retains something natural and analogue. Like Forest Swords, Dalt’s music feels like it’s made in the open air. With her sophomore album, Commotus crafts a surrealist landscape borne by the inexorable scope and sand-swept surfaces of geologic time. She leaps into a surrealist landscape with stunning abandon, eschewing the comparatively safe tropes and song structures of her previous work. And she charts a surprisingly inventive and rewarding territory in the process. Much as it is with her new-found contemporaries at HEM Berlin, for Dalt, solitude and assemblage (of sound, genre, musicology, technique) is an exploratory zone steered toward the inner universe.

Dalt, who is a civil engineer with a specialty in geotechnics, knows that motion on a geologic time scale can be the most poignant analogy to the interminable struggle between self-awareness and sea change. In Ou there’s just a few shades at work — throbs, muffled clanks, hydraulic spits and small motor whirrs. With constrained colors, laid only in thin washes, the music piques and disorients. Half-erased whispers slide around in the opening, disappearing into oscillators. Out of extended hazes, call and response grooves emerge. She’ll use 4/4 low hits and ricochet chirps like you might find in minimal techno, but the rhythms never stick around long enough to resemble dance music. (B. Donnelly)

Reaky: Live Act and marathon DJ set

A Maribor-born producer and DJ, active since 1999, with a track record including  gigs on 4 continents, 30 vinyl releases, over 150 digital releases and numerous collaborations with leading artists in non-commercial electronic genres, this time with a marathon night session. A live act designed especially for MED, taking us on a ride between deep, hypnotic electronica and hard-hitting beats in a more experimental and improvised form. Analog meets digital, old-school meets contemporary. The live act will be followed by his classical progressive techno-trance set till the morning.  

Considered by many as one of the most original and talented individuals on the underground electronic music scene, Reaky's unique style is often influenced by wide range of electronic as well as non-electronic genres. Deep and hypnotic, while tough, driving and energetic at the same time is his core essence that has remained unchanged since the beginning of his electronic music creations in 1999. 

Reaky's high quality musical output gained him the support and respect from many great artists, landing him gigs at clubs and festivals all over Europe as well as across the oceans where his energetic, diverse and never disappointing live-performances are causing his worldwide fan base to grow bigger and bigger.

In 2012 he launched his own label Midnight Resurrection which showcases his own productions and an impressive list of like-minded artists, offering you heavy doses of grade-A 100% pure underground electronic music.

reaky music

reakson - pure techno

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