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Mental Overdrive (live act)

During the early 1990's, Per Martinsen from the far-north Norway came ashore at the legendary record R & S label, noted for some of the most ground-breaking releases on the electronic scene, including musicians like Aphex Twin, Cabaret Voltaire, DJ Krush, Biosphere … Martinsen is believed to be the godfather of Norwegian techno and is generally one of the most influential Norwegian electronic musicians, which probably reveals the answer to the question why so much of quality electronic production comes from that part of the world. We will be hosting a presentation of his latest album, Everything Is Connected, which has – much like everything he has released so far – received outstanding reviews from the critics.

One Man Nation (live act)

Tara Transitory, also known under the alias One Man Nation, is a transgender experimental musician, and an active author in the field of media and sound art. In her work, she explores the topics of gender, noise and catharsis through collective experience, which is based on her live performances in collaboration with trans*queer communities across the world. She lives between her native Singapore and Spain, where she organizes the event Translæctica nights. Her references include multiple occurrences at renowned festivals, gallery and museum ambiances such as the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao or the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei.

Nina Hudej & NinaBelle (live act)

Nina Hudej's professional efforts include collaborations with a variety of teams on different locations, as well as a number of foreign releases. According to Vibe magazine, she has been voted as one of the top twelve techno producers in April 2013. NinaBelle is a techno DJ and flutist in the Orkestrada ensemble, who also performs as vocalist and lyricist with the newly-founded project called After Two. They will perform at this year's MED festival with their new, shared project - a live, multi-layered experimental electronic set.



Qualiass (DJ set)

The name Qualiass is a stage name for producer and DJ Alan Ropoša. One of his first significant works was released a decade ago by Minimal Records, and was later joined by some twenty other creations from various record labels, including Nang, a disco and house-specialized label from London, as well as the acclaimed Compost Records. While Alan aka Qualiass is the one to take us dancing, his other alias Evol Ai is there to create his pendent... shortly “the two of them” will “both” be presenting a “shared” full-length debut.

CИHИ (DJ set)

Siniša Šafarić is famous for his dynamic sets, whose tone depends on the current choice of his incarnation, but is nonetheless always an erudite journey. This is why over the past few years; his music has been present almost every weekend on some of the techno-, house-, electro-, IDM- and other similarly characterized parties. He is also a member of the team behind a series of club events called “Technical Class”, and an active graphic designer working with a home-based on-line record label Biomechanics.


- One Man Nation
- Nina Hudej & NinaBelle
- Mental Overdrive
- Qualiass

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