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Ever since its onset in 2008, the MED festival has been committed to the principle of openness to different ways of musical expression. Its purpose has been to deepen the interaction between the variety of production media. It is therefore based, in terms of genre, on a most uninhibited and relaxed perception of electronic or electroacoustic music, and wishes to enable a particular esthetic experience by means of tapping on the neuralgic points of musical happenings, fresh concepts and the exploring nature of production. The festival's conceptual starting point is the music belonging to the second half of the 20th century, mostly the principles of destruction and analysis, as well as further connection and synthesis of forms.



Cut Hands (VB) - Live

William Bennett is the man behind the project Cut Hands. The name was borrowed from one of the pieces from his original experimental noise band Whitehouse entitled Cut Hands Has The Solution. Afro Noise I, the first album under that name, was released in 2011, and was later followed, each time with a one-year pause, by Black Mamba, Madwoman and Festival Of The Dead. His music also appears in documentaries like Siberia: Krokodil Tears (2011), Inside Syria (2011), Kings Of Cannabis (2013), Snoop Doggovem Reincarnated (2012) and Julien Temple's Glastonbury (2012). Bennett, whose solo production is greatly inspired by Haitian voodoo, introduces radically different ways of using Central-African percussions, and thus creates a sound that is beyond comparison in terms of physical and emotional intensity.

Mono Scarves (SI) - Live

Klemen Šali, aka Mono Scarves, is a piece in the mosaic of Maribor's noise youth. From initially playing with mass-produced sound synthesizers he lately focuses mostly on manufacturing and testing his own, home-made synthesizers, which share the characteristic of being controlled via light. A shift happened from synths that shine to those that need to be shined upon – from expected, polished effects to the dirty ones that leave less room for control. From noise to even bigger extremes…

Dodecahedragraph (SI) - Live

An experimental electronica project from Hrastnik featuring Neven M. Agalma, otherwise known from noise / drone bands like Ontervjabbit, Cadlag, Sevenborn and Rasturen, HuxDexAA etc. His debut Soterag (2007) was released under the local label Pharmafabrik Recordings, where Agalma continues to release his creations. His sonic explorations are based on a play between various elements of abstract formulas / rhythms / sections and ambiental scapes, offering to the listener a singular contemplative experience.

Kaganovich (SI) - DJ

Kaganovich, whose creations are best described as something between rhythmic electronica and noise, released his EP Steppes of Armenia in 2013 with Mlamol Records, dubbed also the “constantly expanding interesting community”. An additional cassette edition is to be released shortly. While his production is directly linked to the history of particular musical derivations, his DJ set will present a selection of his own pieces, promising a mesh of hard industrial and noise in combination with polyrhythmic patterns.

Jan Schulte aka Wolf Müller (DE) - DJ

DJ and producer Jan Schulte, known also as one half of the Montezumas Rache duo, uses several alter egos at his disposal, among them Bufiman, Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski or Wolf Müller. On this occasion he will be presented under the last one, which stands for a more mysterious, percussion-oriented, yet playfully seductive and kraut rock-inspired derivation of his musical endeavors. Apart from that Schulte is also a resident at the infamous Düsseldorf Salon des Amateurs and the musical host of far out and excessive Düsseldorf Art Academy parties Single Club, a wild combination of art happening and 24-hour party.

Krilc (SI) - DJ

Krištof Modic aka Krilc is the latest name on the Slovenian electronica scene, whose interests have been devoted to samplers and compressors since his early age. For a number of years he has produced garage, techno and house beats, and at merely nineteen he has already released his first vinyl as part of the first edition of Stiropor compilation. He recently began to study audio production at the SAE institute in Ljubljana.


- Cut Hands
- Jan Schulte aka Wolf Müller
- Dodecahedragraph
- Mono Scarves
- Krilc

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