MED - Maribor Electronic Destination 2011

25. 2. Friday
01:00 ... AGO TELA

26. 2.  Saturday
23:00 ... LO-HI-FI
00:00 ... TSAR POLOZ

This year's edition of MED festival is again being established as a platform to enable crossing the divisions between the acoustic and electronic music expression on the one hand, and the exploring and playful aspect of making music on the other. As the form of a festival is considered one of the best options to make new cultural contents directly available and raise interest in them, it is also very contributing to the situation in the local environment. This is because we have been working towards merging alternative approaches to music, and at the same time trying to increase the visibility of establishing a comprehensive scene of such creativity on a local basis.

HIP-HOP production and DJ workshop
The festival also comprises an intense two-day music production workshop, its mission being to provide the aspiring artists of the region with direct mastering of skills and information, thus enabling the scene to grow in quality, which would have been impossible without generally acknowledged main figures. MED therefore seeks to position Maribor as a destination with potential music appeal – not only through festival activity as such, but also by interfering actively with the development of creative potential. This gesture is seen as a long-term investment into local talents... also wishing that MED festival would in future be able to co-operate with them as artists.


Greie Gut Fraktion – Live (Monika Enterprise, Poemproducer)
Last year, Gudrun Gut and Antye Greie-Fuchs (AGF) joined forces to release the album 'Baustelle', which attracted an enviable amount of praise. This is a co-operation of a long-time Berlin scene driving force with one of the best programmers that can be found within the current music flurry – therefore the encounter of the finest in electronic manner as provided by the former West and East Berlin. If about three decades ago Gudrun participated in bands like Einstürzende Neubauten, Malaria! and Din A Testbild, i.e. bands that were undoubtedly moving the boundaries of music, Antye found an opportunity in producing electronic music to escape her participation in a band. For the album in question they purchased a recorder each and headed for construction sites (“Baustellen”). By means of collecting and using field recordings they wished to evade what they refer to as “overly pure studio situation”. As expected, they have actually proven once again to be extremely skilled masters of audio constructions with a finely mechanic – and this time a bit more industrial – approach.
Greie Gut Fraktion: : Gudrun Gut alongside Antye Greie-Fuchs (AGF), i.e. a living legend together with the best German producer, indisputable main act of the festival

Mracni blisc, Thomas Hüetlin, Der Spiegel, Mladina, 20. 12. 2013.pdf
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Tolouse Low Trax – Live (Karaoke Kalk)
Detlef Weinrich, although a sculptor by profession, is known particularly as the head of the Düsseldorf club Salon des Amateurs and member of Kreidler, a band formed in mid 1990s and considered one of the most influential on the German electro scene. Last year saw the launch of Detlef's excellent, highly intriguing solo album Mask Talk under his stage name Tolouse Low Trax. The album was released on the justifiably increasingly acclaimed label Karaoke Kalk.
Tolouse Low Trax: solo project of the enigmatic German musician Detlef Weinrich, otherwise a member of the band Kreidler 

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Tsar Poloz – Live (Raban Records)

Polish eccentric artist Piotr Połoz, living and working in his native Łódź, was only recently still introducing himself as Deuce. He gave the name up thanks to an increasing number of artists and projects having the same name, and this gave birth to his new alter ego, Tsar Poloz. He is a regular guest to exquisite festivals oriented into electronic music, where he reigns kind-heartedly and shares his blend of pretty tunes with unkind noise, which he refers to as cyber-trash disco.
Tsar Poloz: a Polish eccentric, a regular feature at affluent European electronic music festivals.

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Duško Janevski – DJ set (JKDR)

To the long-time Skopje DJ Duško Janevski, the year 2005 represented the beginning of his own production, and two years later, his longplay debut 'Inner Dancefloor' was released on PMG Records. In the same year he formed his own digital label Juan’s Kitchen Delights Recordings (JKDR), which so far boasts a nice amount of releases. As far as his DJ sets are concerned, he likes to describe them as hypnotic. This is because he uses a considerate technoid-electroid selection to elevate the audience to a higher level of consciousness.
Duško Janevski: prolific Macedonian producer, indisputable champion at his local scene

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Ago Tela – Live

Ago Tela is an organism composed of skilled producers and performers who, to our great delight, have recently began raising the level of Slovenian electronic music scene. This is a prolific connection between Dojaja (Marjan Crnkovič), Electrosaurus (Mario Marolt) and Octex (Jernej Marušič). Their gigs are a combination of analogue and digital instruments within the dub, techno and electronic domain, with occasional guest appearances of established musicians, the emphasis always being on improvisation.
Ago Tela: three renowned Slovenian musicians (Jernej Marušič, Mario Marolt, Marjan Crnkovič), now joined under the same roof.

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lo-hi-fi - Live

Last year, Vladimir Mićković and Luka Uršič joined forces, which resulted in an extremely welcome novelty on our scene. It is called lo-hi-fi and has already gained the reputation for diverse appearances. When it comes to music, the all-round talented artists have immersed into psychedelic electronic music pierced by funk, electro-punk and dub, and particularly full of feeling, typical of kosmische…
lo-hi-fi: A striking aspiring fresh act on our scene  – a joint project of two all-round talented artists (Luka Uršič and Vladimir Mićković).

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VJ Profilli

One of the most profiled Serbian VJ's who works on satisfying the visual sense within the Funkyshljiva team of three. Inter alia, his visuals have supported Richie Hawtin's and Roisin Murphy's Belgrade gigs.


HIP-HOP production and DJ workshop
Understanding the hardware and software for creative production and distribution of sound and music.
The workshop will be runed by EMKEJ, member of Tekochee Kru. Workshop will be on Wednesday and Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00 (February 23, 24 ) in KIT KIBLA, Glavni trg 14.
Applications will be accepted at the emaill, tel. 02-229-40-12.

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Production: ACE KIBLA
Head of Festival: Dejan Pestotnik
Head of Programme: Pina Gabrijan
Administration: Lidija Pačnik, Maja Kotnik Praštalo
Technical Manager: Simon Sedmak
Graphic Design: Samo Lajtinger
Exper advice: Peter Tomaž Dobrila

Festival partners:
Kataman - Music production and promotion



HIP-HOP production and DJ workshop, 23.–24.2.2011 (photos Boštjan Lah)

Photos 25. 2. 2011 (author Boštjan Lah)

Photos 26. 2. 2011 (author Boštjan Lah)



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