MED - Maribor electronic destination 2010


26 – 27 February 2010
KIBLA Multimedia Centre, Ulica kneza Koclja 9, 2000 Maribor


Friday 26/02   
4 pm ... CHILDREN WORKSHOP - conducted by Luka Ivanović  
10.30 pm ... LUKATOYBOY (Belgrade) - Game Boy Techno Set  
midnight ... DRIVER & DRIVER (Berlin) - Live  
2 am ... TADI TOUCH (Maribor) - DJ Set  

Saturday 27/02       
11 pm ... SCHLAMMPEITZIGER + Ulrike Göken (video) (Cologne) - Live   
midnight ... EVERY KID ON SPEED (Skopje) - DJ Set  
2 am ... ICHISAN & NAKOVA (Ljubljana & Gorenja vas) - DJ Set

AFTER (Friday & Saturday):
Supernova, Pekarna
Sanjin vs. Animatic S: italians nicola tonut mystic

"Groovy, man! This is how "elektronica" sounds today, no "doontz-doontz".
Actually, "elektronica" means unlimited possibiities. See, for example, computer animation in films where there are no countless repetitions  of 'Vereinfachter polka'."

Cameron Bobro

This year's MED Festival (Maribor Electronic Destination) organised by MMC Kibla, will surely make a deep impact on the annals of Slovenian music activity. Its third edition brings crème de la crème of international artists, who will be ravaging Kibla's premises for two days (26th and 27th February). During the day, the programme will be accompanied by a children workshop on creating electronic music.

MED is particularly established as a research project, open to various ways of creating and focusing on intensified interaction between various media of production, which brings the festival programme even closer to Kibla's mission.

The third edition of MED festival has been conceived as a platform for encounters of crème de la crème of contemporary, untroubled approaches to music production, thus contributing to proliferation of electronic music production and consumption.

MED has been working towards establishing Maribor as one of the destinations on the map of music connoisseurs, who are particularly attracted by neuralgic points of music production.

The festival programme also comprises a workshop for children between 6 as 12 years of age, aiming among others at the development of offspring aesthetic capabilities.

MED seeks to find a balance between two aspects of creating electronic music, which at first sight might be quite contradictory – the experimental and the playful. The experimental pole is often seen by the playful as an activity serving its own good, whereas the playful pole is mostly seen by the experimental as an overly profane activity. Therefore MED has been conceived as a journey in the continuum between the two poles, thus oriented towards a reconciliation and mutual complementation of different positions within the production of electronic music. It is therefore important to use such events for the purpose of making them less elite, yet not at the expense of greater banality of programme. Quite the contrary – the project also aims at encouraging the audience to express higher demands. It has to be said that there were certain periods in the history of music industry when popular music achieved various levels of quality. Furthermore, the expanse of a certain genre largely depends on the accessibility of contents, therefore it is festivals that often create the space for increasing the interest in new cultural programmes.

MORE ON  ...

       Driver & Driver (Berlin & Berlin) - Live
The name Driver & Driver conceals the legends of Berlin underground, Patric Catani and the drummer Chris Imler, who have been joining their unconventional creative powers in recent years. Previously, they gathered experience in bands like EC8OR (Catani) and Golden Showers (Imler). In the year when their album is to be expected, Driver & Driver are roaming the world with their eccentric DIY performances brimming with analogue electronica and rebellious spirit. On top of that they have also created, as a team or individually, the music for many films as well as theatre and radio plays, and have been members of various formations or experiments (e.g. D6 Cru and Lemniscate). This year Patric Catani was also among the main appearances of the Berlin Clubtransmediale, which has been the leading electronica festival for a number of years.

       Schlammpeitziger (Cologne) - Live

Jo Zimmermann, an icon of German alternative electronic scene, has been devoted to music and drawing since the early 1990's under the name of Schlammpeitziger. It was then that his first cassette was released on the cult Entenpfuhl label, whereas today he mostly releases records on a-Musik and sonig. Schlammpeitziger and F.X.Randomiz – the heavyweight of Cologne electronic scene – compose the Holosud duo whose achievements include the production of music for several awarded radio plays. As usual, Schlammpeitziger will be accompanied at MED by the video artist Ulrike Göken.

       Lukatoyboy (Belgrade) – Game Boy Techno Set

The musician and sound designer, also active in journalism and radio editing, will open the first day of the festival with his Game Boy Techno Set. Luka Ivanović, aka Lukatoyboy mostly circulates within the boundaries of improvised electro-acoustic music, which he creates by sampling the voices of the surroundings and of toys. Just to mention his activity last year, he performed or ran children workshops at renowned festivals UNSOUND in Krakow and Clubtransmediale in Berlin as well as the Serbian Dis-Patch and Ring-Ring festivals. At MED he shall also run a children workshop on creating electronic music.

       Every Kid On Speed (Skopje) - DJ Set

A hyperactive sound artist, radio activist, DJ, designer and cultural producer has been performing at almost all major electronica festivals around the world in his career. He runs the label Acid Fake Recordings and its sublabel Discofake as well as the Fakezine webzine. As a DJ he is mostly into glitch, cut-up electronica and techno. He is currently preoccupied by organising Line - Initiative And Movement, which functions as a platform for new media and technology artists.

      Ichisan & Nakova (Ljubljana & Gorenja vas) -
                                                                         DJ Set

The main Slovenian disco protagonists who are credited with the presence of new disco and the whole range of its mutations in Slovenia. Both have a long history of music production – Ichisan as a guitarist, Ule Nakova as a bassist. The tandem Ichisan & Nakova was awakened in 2006, but they simultaneously both keep producing independently. So far, their joint records have been released on Disciple Of Groove and Pizzico Nobel.

      Tadi Touch (Maribor) – DJ Set

A member of the indispensable collective Total Fusion, who has been contributing tirelessly to the night life in the metropolis of Štajerska region. He has been into music for almost a decade, whereas the collective was formed six years ago as he joined his colleagues in their shared efforts to be more active on the music scene. They run their own regular weekly radio show at MARŠ radio, and in 2008, Tadi Touch established his own Random Label.

Festival archive with photos:
- MED 2008
- MED 2009

Production: KIBLA Association for Culture and Education
President: Aleksandra Kostič

Head of Festival: Dejan Pestotnik
Head of Programme: Pina Gabrijan
Administration: Lidija Pačnik, Maja Kotnik Praštalo
Web Administration: Maja Vuksanović
Technical Manager: Simon Sedmak
Technical Support: Samo Lajtinger in Nikola Stojanović
Expert Support: Vlasta Barl
Graphic Design: Fenshu

Expert advice: Cameron Bobro and Peter Tomaž Dobrila

ACE KIBLA programme is supported by Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Maribor and The Slovenian Office of Youth. KIBLA is a part of Multimedia Centres Net Slovenia.

Festival partner:

Friday, 26.2.2010 (photo by: Boštjan Lah)

Saturday, 27.2.2010 (photo by: Boštjan Lah)



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